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Chip Labels

Our range of chip labels provide a clear indication of any hazardous substances contained within a specific load or package, in order to ensure safe treatment and handling. The dangers posed by the contained chemicals are highlighted with a set of recognizable symbols, which make it easy for workers and members of the public to respond accordingly.

Our chip labels are each supplied in four standard sizes, which correspond to the volume capacity of the package for marking, ranging from 3 litres or less to over 500 litres. Each chip label design is printed on self adhesive vinyl, and comes in a pack of 100 labels.

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Hazardous goods template label (Chip)
Hazardous goods template label (Chip)
Hazardous goods template label for Chip regulation standards.
Price From: £43.80 (inc VAT)
(£36.50 ex VAT)

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Chip Label Classifications

Below are the hazard classifications included in our range of chip labels, along with a short description of each:

  • Explosive: Risk of explosion by shock, friction, fire or other sources of ignition.
  • Oxidising: Risk of causing fire/ contact wth flammable material may cause fire/ explosive when mixed with combustible material
  • Extremely flammable: Flash point below 0°C and a boiling point of at least 35°C.
  • Highly flammable: Will readily catch fire from an ignition source, and continue to burn after the source of ignition has been consumed.
  • Flammable: Substances having a flashpoint equal or greater than 21°C and less or equal to 55°C.
  • Very Toxic: Acute lethal effects from swallowing, inhalation or skin contact.
  • Toxic: Acute lethal effects from swallowing, inhalation or skin contact to a lower threshold.
  • Harmful: If swallowed, inhaled or with skin contact, with danger of serious damage to health by prolonged exposure.
  • Corrosive: Causes burns or severe burns on skin contact.
  • Irritant: Inflammation of the skin, eyes or respiratory system, or risk of serious damage to eyes.
  • Carcinogenic: May cause cancer on contact.
  • Mutagenic: May cause heritable genetic damage, or may have irreversable effects.
  • Environmental: Aquatic and non-aquatic (soil, bees, fauna, flora or ozone) damage.

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