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Push Pin Boards

Our durable push pin boards and notice boards contain a firm, felt board, mounted on a softboard backing, high-qualityquality aluminium frame. The felt fabric is colourfast to BS 1006, and is flame retardant tp BS 476 part 7 and BSEN1021-1 1994.

These notice boards are available in four colours - blue, red, grey and green. The push pin boards have characteristics of easy pin insertion and excellent pin retention. Once the pin is removed, the cork will expand once again, keeping your pin board intact, These are supplied in two sizes, with wall fixings.

These versatile pin boards display information and aid communication with employees, pupils, patients, visitors and the general public. They can be used in offices, factories, schools, catering and hospitals.

Pin board
Pin board
Pin board. Felt panel on 8mm thickness flame resistant backing, with silver anodised aluminium frame. Supplied in 2 sizes. Available in 4 colours.
Price From: £71.94 (inc VAT)
(£59.95 ex VAT)

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Our 8mm thickness push pin boards are supplied in two sizes and available in four colours. The four different colours make it easy to display notices for different sections of your workplace, too. Our pin boards come in blue, red, green and grey. 

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