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Security Marking Stencils

Security marking stencil system for chemically etching or indelibly marking property, inventory, computers, equipment and plant. The stencils are customised with user details and are available in two formats; a standard type usually with customer name and post code (for traceability if items are stolen); and a sequentially numbered stencil with company name.

A selection of marking compounds are ideal for marking different surfaces. A blue compound is suitable for permanently marking light coloured plastics or stove enamelled metals. For darker coloured plastics or dark plastic coated metals use the orange compound. Others are available for glass, aluminium and other metals (such as mild steel, stainless steel, zintec and brass).

Common items marked include IT equipment (ie monitors, servers, printers, laptops), electrical appliances (televisions, microwaves), portable projection equipment and heating equipment. Use this stencil system to deter theft, improve security, and provide inventory tracing.

Packs range in size from as little as 25 stencils.


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