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Cable Marking Wrap Labels

Our high-quality cable wrap labels can be used with electrical cables, power leads, and wiring. They are suitable for a variety of different purposes, including inspection, testing, voltage marking, and general health and safety.

Like our other electrical safety labels, all of the products in this section are self-adhesive. To attach, simply wrap the label around the cable(s) you are marking. 

Select from the following labels:

Cable Wrap Labels - Further Information:

These self-adhesive electrical safety labels form a flag around the cabling for added visibility and easy identifcation. All of our cable wrap labels use standardised symbols and a black-and-yellow colour scheme, making them easy to spot.

Label Source's cable marking products are commonly used by electrical inspectors, who use them to label the appliances they test; we also supply a variety of voltage labels, which allow you to identify high voltages for safety purposes.

If you cannot find the cable marking label that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch. The Label Source team should be able to find a suitable solution for you.

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