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Industrial Equipment Safety Signs

A range of health and safety signs for use to identify hazards and dangers from operating automatic, moving or dangerous industrial equipment, processing plant or power tools. These may be electrical, pneumatic or hydraulically powered machinery.

Industrial activities can include milling, grinding, crushing, spraying, painting, heat treatment, soldering, welding, hydroforming, shredding, polishing and pulverizing.

Equipment can include silos, kilns, ovens, conveyors, saws and chain saws, pumps, compressors, pulpers, shears, mixers, dicers, guillotines, reactors, balers, cranes, X-ray equipment, hoists, fork lift trucks, racking etc

Industrial injuries include pinch points, finger or foot traps, entrapment (body, hair, clothing or jewellery), punch, pierce, crush, pressure, burns, electrocution, slips, trips, inhalation of fumes etc..

These signs are manufactured to the new internationally harmonised symbols in ISO EN 1710 and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996. Some common signs cover use of safety guards, isolation of equipment, unauthorised or inappropriate use of machines, correct maintenance and servicing, use of personal protective equipment

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