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Mini Safety Signs

Label Source's Mini Safety Signs are a range of small format signs, for use where there are space restrictions on their placement. These signs are made form semi-rigid plastic and are adhesive backed allowing them to stick to any surface.

These safety signs cover the full range of safety sign classifications from Fire equipment, Mandatory signs, Prohibition safety signs, Safe condition safety signs, Safe condition safety signs and Hazard warning safety signs.

All these signs comply with ISO 1710 and the Safety Sign and Signals Regulations 1996.


Mini Safety Signs - Additional Information

These Mini Safety Signs cover a wide range of options from:

  • ​Fire Equipment Signs - Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm and Fire Points
  • Mandatory Signs - Eye, Hand, Foot, Ear and Brathing mask protection, use of guards on equpment, fire doors and alarmed doors and housekeeping. 
  • Prohibition Safety Signs - No smoking, not drinking water, restrictions on access, and preventing the use of mobile phones.
  • Safe Condition Safety Signs - Fire exits and other exits, means of exit (ie via sliding door), location for first aid, emergency stop and drinking water. 
  • Hazard Warning Signs - Identify the risk and dangers from electricity (electric shock and high voltage), from hazardous substances (toxic, harmful chemicals), and from slips, trips, obstacle and hot water risks. 


If you have any other questions about Label Source's range of Mini Safety Signs, please don't hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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