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Statutory Regulations and Health Guides

This selection of products includes a range of guides on workplace health and safety issues, which include signs, notices, posters, pocket guides and risk management documentation. Some products are statutory requirements, which must be displayed at work, such as Health and Safety Law notice. Others are good practice guides providing clear actions to avoid accidents or injuries, or actions to be taken in event of an accident.

First aid treatment posters cover a range of potential injuries to eyes, soft tissues, burns, bleeding, puncture wounds and for those experiencing breathing difficulties, In addition, other guides cover injuries from electricity, and chemicals, and health issues such as diabetes, asthma and seizures. These step by step guides provide a check on actions needed if faced by any of the above situations.

Health and safety notices give a pictorial reference to staff, and visitors of safe workplace practice to identify the meaning of safety signs, use of appropriate personal protective equipment, fire action; safe use if lifting, using computers or racking; protection from noise, asbestos, chemicals, dangerous substances; and safety when working at heights or dangers from slips, trips and falls.

Risk management documentation products include fire safety log books and accident books, and risk assessment forms for a range of workplace safety functions such as, fire safety, display screen (visual display units) equipment, manual handling, workplace safety and COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health).

Statutory regulation notices have to be displayed in the workplace, and include Health and Safety Law notice, the Electricity at Work Regulations, Asbestos Regulations and use of Abrasive Wheels.


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