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Barrier Systems

There are times when you may need to restrict access to particular areas. This may be for operational, safety or security reasons, which require the cordoning off of such zones for temporary or short term needs.

Barriers, cones, posts and chains and barricade tapes can be used for this purpose. These are portable, and easy to handle. They can be moved to where you need to segregate or isolate areas. They form both a physical barrier, and many convey messages or warnings to any potential interlopers. When not needed they can be removed, and stored for future use.

Applications can include building repairs (such as lifts out of operation, wet paint etc.), factory maintenance, the servicing of machinery or equipment, traffic management (parking of vehicles, or pedestrian routing), floor cleaning, isolating spillages, protection from falls into work excavations, or delivery or supply of goods, such as petrol deliveries by oil tankers to forecourts.

These products offer a range of methods to assist in cordoning off areas, and ensure that they remain off limits to prevent accidents, misunderstandings or inconvenience.An image to show barrier systems in use

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