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Floor Tape Applicators

Apply self- adhesive floor tape quickly and accurately to floor surfaces using our floor tape applicators. Our floor tape applicator can be used on most sealed floor surfaces including warehouse floors, aisles, corridors and sports halls to mark lines, highlight physical hazards or to segregate areas. 
Our sturdy high quality floor tape applicator is constructed with a rolled steel structure mounted on rubber wheels which comfortable rubber hand grips, and a soft rubber applicator head controller and fits tape size 1100 x 135mm.  
Make floor marking a simple task by using this applicator.  

Floor tape applicator.
Floor tape applicator.
Floor tape applicator. Wheeled mechanical aid to lay self adhesive tape to floors. Suitable for handling tape of up to 100mm wide.
Price From: £229.14 (inc VAT)
(£190.95 ex VAT)

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