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Warehouse & Shipping Labels

Our Warehouse & Shipping department contains a comprehensive range of high-quality shipping labels and warehouse identification products. All labels are compliant with UK, EU, and international regulations, and they can be used in almost any warehouse, storage area, or distribution/packing centre.

To help us find the warehouse labels you need, please select one of the following categories:

Warehouse Labels to Suit Your Needs

Here at Label Source, we aim to provide a high-calibre labelling solution for every single customer. Regardless of how you intend to use our shipping labels, we are confindent that we will be able to provide a product that suits your purposes.

Here are some of the products we can provide:

  • Warehouse labels for racking and shelf identification
  • Floor markers
  • Stock control tags
  • Packaging labels
  • Safety notices
  • Label dispensers

Whether you are responsible for organising your warehouse or packaging and dispatching orders, we have a huge range of products that will help you to do your job. If you can't find what you're looking for on our website, feel free to give us a call on 0800 3761 693 or email info@labelsource.co.uk - our customer service team will do whatever they can to help!

Warehouse/Shipping Labels: Materials & Features

Our warehouse labels are made of self-adhesive vinyl or paper as standard, but we offer a wealth of different customisation options for you and your business. Here's a sample of what we can provide:

  • Low-tack adhesive (in case labels need to be repositioned)
  • Magnetic  labels for metal surfaces
  • Flourescent labels with added visibility
  • Anti-slip floor markers
  • Custom designs

All shipping labels use internationally- recognised symbols for easy identifcation. Everything we sell is ISO 780-compliant.

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