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Construction Tape

At Label Source we boast a huge variety of warning tape rolls, which are suitable for use in construction, facilities, building services, and civil engineering.

From barrier fencing mesh to underground cable warning tapes, our range has everything you need to secure a safe and hazard-free working environment for workers and members of the public, to help avoid safety mishaps at all costs.

This range even includes our clever anti-slip tape, which comes with a textured surface added grip on potentially dangerous surfaces. This means that our range is not only able to prevent health and safety incidents by communicating the correct warnings, but it also able to directly reduce the chances trip and fall incidents, which are some of the most common in any workplace.

More About Our Warning Tape

Our Construction Tape Selection Includes:

  • Underground warning tapes to identify buried pipes, drains and cables, pipes carrying water/electricity/gas/chemicals, telecommunications cables, and fuel oil
  • Underground detection tapes to locate utilities' pipework and cable infrastructure to prevent accidental damage
  • Plastic barrier fencing mesh to cordon off excavations, road and building works
  • Scaffold tubing tape to provide a high visibility warning of scaffolding structures
  • Scarecrow bunting to mark areas, and routes
  • Anti-slip tapes for use on steps, stairs, ramps, and uneven or slippery surfaces
  • Flagging tapes for surveying or to mark site boundaries
  • Reflective tapes for marking road, parking or loading areas

If you have any questions about our warning tape, please feel free to contact us for more information.