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image of workers returning to the office

Thankfully, the COVID-19 pandemic is getting more under control, and people everywhere can start thinking about a return to normal. The work from home revolution has been big for businesses and workers everywhere, though returning to the office will still happen for most of us.

However, just because some of us are returning to the workplace, that doesn’t mean we can’t stop being vigilant. As a business owner or employee, you must ensure you stay as safe as possible.

So, how do you ensure returning to work after COVID is safe? What is the latest return to work office guidelines, and how do labels and signs help with this?

Read below to get up to date.

What Are The Return To Work Office Guidelines?

The return to work office guidelines are evolving on a week-by-week basis, but some aspects of it are set in stone. Currently, the pandemic is getting better, but a full return to the office is being staggered until the vaccine rollout has been completed.

The guidelines from the HSE states that before returning to the office, an employer must carry out a COVID risk assessment. This will outline the steps to get COVID safe.

What is a COVID Risk Assessment?

A COVID risk assessment reviews:

  • The work activities that can cause transmission of the virus.
  • The risk of transmission occurring.
  • The likelihood of mass exposure.
  • Whether activities can be changed or removed to reduce transmission risk.
  • The need for social distancing equipment like screens, sanitisation stations and labels.

Like other risk assessments, if you have over 5 employees, you must record the assessment and any steps you will take.

The steps after a risk assessment will vary on a case-by-case basis. For example, working in an office could mean returning with a reduced in-office workforce, with screens, sanitisation and social distancing.

For other industries, such as where people work together, there may need to be conditions like regular testing and screening, removal of processes and other steps.

Overall, the return to office guidelines are simple: carry out a risk assessment and keep your employees safe. Be practical, and be safe.

Returning to the Office: How Signs and Labels Help

Employers are expected to have all of these protocols in place before employees return to work. Of course, to help with this, you can rely on signs and labels.

Our social distancing range ensures your employees will always know where and when to socially distance. We also stock labels for hand sanitising, safe queueing, face mask reminders, etc. All in all, our range is there to keep the habits of social distancing in place for the long-term, giving you peace of mind and helping to keep your employees safe.

Our office signs will be of use, too. We have a range of office signs for ergonomic purposes, but these can take on a new lease of life in a post-COVID world. Our office signs can keep your workplace organised, with clear, legible signs that ensure everyone knows where to go, which reduces the chance of people mingling and social distancing not occurring.

At Label Source, we can’t create your social distancing strategy for you, but we can supply goods that complement it.

Get Updated With High-Quality Office and Social Distancing Signs

To ensure returning to the office goes smoothly, be sure you’re stocked up with the correct office signs and social distancing labels.

These will not only keep your office organised but will help ensure you satisfy return to work office guidelines.

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