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Nobody likes working in the cold. Unfortunately, living and working in the UK means that we have to face bad weather, well, pretty much all the time.

However, you don’t need to rely solely on water bottles and blankets. As an employee, your workplace is responsible for keeping you safe, warm, and comfortable. There are, contrary to popular belief, laws in place regarding legal working temperature.

As employers, you are responsible for the comfort and safety of your employees. Arguments over office temperature are common, but adhering to the below list of tips and legal requirements will ensure your workers stay toasty. More...

Well, that was a year, wasn’t it?

2021 brought some tough safety challenges, much like 2020. However, the industry adapted. Our experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant we have handled the changing waves, variants and policy changes well.

Yet, current issues in occupational health and safety will not exist forever. The future is changing, and we have identified three areas where health and safety could change in 2022. More...

It’s that time of year: good cheer, festive vibes and cringeworthy “elf and safety gone mad” headlines.

Contrary to popular belief, health and safety has not gone mad. Despite this, pages and pages of fake outrage are printed every year about festive-related safety happenings.

However, how many of these are true? How well is legislation applied to Christmas events?

Below, we discuss Christmas safety in detail, put your knowledge to the test and share our favourite festive safety tips. More...

Food labelling is an undervalued facet of safety. Every day, millions of people across the globe rely on food labels to communicate essential information. From nutrition to allergens, food label safety keeps people informed.

However, in recent years, food label lawsuits have become more common. Why is this? Are food labels getting worse? Has the law changed?

Below, we discuss how and why more businesses are being sued over food while discussing what the practice is, the law around it and the importance of food labelling. More...

How do you communicate the health of equipment to staff in the most efficient way? How do you make your workplace inspection checklist perfect? Can you better streamline your workplace inspection checklist?

Well, as always, there is a label that can handle that. Combined status labels communicate key information to employees and maintenance staff concerning the health of equipment. They also provide details on how to maintain equipment properly.

Below, we’ll discuss how combined status labels work, and why they should be part of your workplace safety inspections. More...