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Vandalism is a perpetual issue in the UK that involves the destruction of, or criminal damage to someone else’s property, whether it be an individual or organisation. In recent years, vandalism has been on a decline, falling at a rate faster than any other type of crime in the UK.

However, vandalism is still an issue, so here we discuss some of the ways to prevent vandalism, its effects, and why it occurs.


Many different vehicle users share the same roads, which can sometimes make the differences between their rule set somewhat confusing to understand.

In January 2022, there were several changes implemented to the highway code that affect all road users. Many rules specifically involve cyclists, such as the change that ensures priority should be given to cyclists on roundabouts.

In light of this, this blog will refresh your memory on cycling safety, and help you understand how to manage cycling risks with signs.


If you or your employees work with display screen equipment (DSE), safety should always be something you consider.

While the initial checks should be made as soon as the employee joins the business, regular checks should be made so that any adjustments that are made over time can be corrected, or missing equipment can be replaced.


Inhalation is one of the most common ways for hazardous substances to enter the system. Efficient RPE and knowing when to wear it, therefore, helps to limit and prevent an array of illnesses in those who work with hazardous substances.

RPE stands for ‘Respiratory Protective Equipment’. There are many different kinds, necessary to match the requirements of the wearer and to protect them from a variety of hazards; oxygen levels can become very low when working in confined spaces, or hazardous substances can contaminate the air when working in certain industries and environments. Keep reading to discover the different kinds of RPE, and how they can protect you.


Keeping an airport running is tough. They need to operate safely and smoothly 24 hours a day, balancing flight times, security, and hospitality in one.

As such, finding the right balance between security and speed is essential. Thankfully, airport signs and symbols can help to not only make airports secure but also more efficient.

They may seem small, but proper signage is in every airport. It manages foot traffic, keeps people vigilant and, in rare cases of emergency, can mean the difference between safety and danger.

Below, we list the most important airport signs, common symbols and their meaning. That way, you can understand how traffic signs complement even the most complicated safety procedures.