Custom Asset Labels
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Our Most Popular Labels

Pinch point symbol labels.
Our Price: £47.04 inc Vat
(£39.20 ex VAT)
Earth symbol label (black on white)
Our Price: £31.62 inc Vat
(£26.35 ex VAT)
Electrical warning symbol label.
Our Price: £22.98 inc Vat
(£19.15 ex VAT)
This way up arrows
Our Price: £40.50 inc Vat
(£33.75 ex VAT)
Scanmark destructible barcode label (black text), 19mm x 50mm
Our Price: £99.12 inc Vat
(£82.60 ex VAT)
Danger 440 volts label
Our Price: £9.18 inc Vat
(£7.65 ex VAT)

Our Most Popular Signs

Lift correctly symbol and text safety sign.
Our Price: £2.76 inc Vat
(£2.30 ex VAT)
Electrical shock notice.
Our Price: £16.44 inc Vat
(£13.70 ex VAT)
Caution fibre optic cable below tape.
Our Price: £43.44 inc Vat
(£36.20 ex VAT)
Full cylinder storage area symbol and text sign.
Our Price: £18.18 inc Vat
(£15.15 ex VAT)
Caution Entrapment hazard symbol and text safety sign.
Our Price: £2.76 inc Vat
(£2.30 ex VAT)
Explosive 1.4 G hazard warning diamond sign
Our Price: £1.62 inc Vat
(£1.35 ex VAT)

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Label Source: Asset Labels, Warning Labels, Safety Signage & More

Label Source is your one-stop online store for labels, tags, signs, tapes, and all other identification products. Our comprehensive range of products includes customisable asset labels self-adhesive warning labels and high-endurance metal tags along with a wide range of standard signage products for a variety of uses.

Whether you want to keep track of your property, label your equipment, or improve health and safety on your premises, we offer everything you could need at very competitive prices. If you order your asset labels and signage from Label Source, you can expect a fast, efficient service that is tailored to your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive product range, on our quick deliveries, and on our industry-leading customer service. With over 25 years in the printing, signage and labelling industry, the Label Source team know how to meet your requirements – whether you’re looking for asset labels, warning labels, or safety hazard signs, we won’t let you down!

We are your one-stop labelling and signage solution

Our website is home to thousands of signs, nameplates, tapes, tags and warning labels, all of which comply with British, European and International standards. We offer more than 15,000 individual product lines; furthermore, we are capable of providing a near-endless variety of bespoke options and services. If you’d like to discuss your requirements with a member of the Label Source team, please don’t hesitate to contact us today

For more information on our products, please select one of the categories below.
Labels, Tags & Nameplates
Plastic and metal tags, laser and thermal transfer printer labels, and a variety of vinyl, polyester and foil industrial labels and aluminium, brass and stainless steel nameplates.

Electrical, Maintenance & Cable Management
Electrical testing, maintenance and hazard warning labels, as well as a wide range of cable marking products.

Asset Marking & Property Identification
Asset labels, serial number/barcode labels, and property identification tags and stencils. You can also create custom asset labels with our Asset Tag Builder.

Quality & Calibration
Quality assurance, quality control, inspection and calibration labels, signs, tapes and tags for use in your quality management systems.

Warehouse, Stock Control & Shipping
Storage, stock control and shipping labels, tags and tapes. These are used in warehouses, stores, and distribution and transit situations.
Safety Signs
Health and safety signage, labels and tapes. Our safety signs cover a wide range of current workplace legislation requirements.

Signs & Signage
Traffic, site and security signage, including CCTV signs and environmental management products. We also sell parking control stickers, stencils and statutory notices for building and facilities identification.

Pipe & Valve Marking
Tapes, tags, and warning labels for your pipeline and valve marking requirements.

Hazardous Substances & Chemicals
Chemical hazard warning labels and signs for the safe storage, handling and transportation of dangerous substances or hazardous goods, including COSHH and GHS labels.

Tapes & Floor Markers
Self-adhesive, barrier and construction tapes, plus a range of floor markers, for the marking, designation and isolation of areas and functions.

If you are looking for high-quality, low-cost identification products, Label Source can help. From asset labels to safety signs, we sell everything you need – for assistance, call 0800 3761 693 (UK customers only) or +44 1443 842769 (outside the UK). You can also email us on