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Label Stickers, Nameplates & Printed Tags

Over the years, Label Source has established a reputation as a leading supplier of identification and marking products, including diverse ranges of industrial label stickers, nameplates and printed tags. These include standard product ranges to meet universal needs, such as compliance with standards, including CE, RoHS, ANSI, BS, EU, UL, CSA, and ISO EN 7010 (safety standards).

Our range of cost effective label stickers and solutions is compliant with international standards, satisfying legible product marking to meet customer requirements. Besides our standard range, we also offer technical identification labels, pressure sensitive stickers, decals, printed tags (both metal and plastic), nameplates and badges, all made to customer specifications.

We also supply our label stickers, nameplates and tags to a huge selection of industrial and commercial sectors, including;

  • Government departments: The NHS, Environment Agency, Police Force and a number of local authorities.
  • A wide range of industries, including: engineering, telecommunications, rail networks, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics.

To find out more about our products, select from the categories below:

Cost Effective Nameplates,Tags & Labels

By using our industry knowledge of the label, nameplate and printed tag market, built up over the last 30 years, we are able to provide cost effective print solutions to our customers. Combining the most suitable material and adhesives with the most appropriate print process method, we are able to produce cost effective products for both small to medium quantities. These can include company logos and variable data, ranging single to full colour design needs.

Print processes utilised include:

  • Hot foil
  • Screen
  • Digital
  • Thermal transfer
  • Flexographic
  • Chemical etching
  • Engraving
  • Laser engraving.

In addition, we supply ranges of printers and consumables, for customers with on-demand and in-process print requirements, for inkjet, laser or thermal transfer print technology.

Our nameplates, industrial label stickers and fluorescent stickers can be manufactured to:

  •       Withstand high or low operating temperatures
  •       Long external life
  •       Comply with testing standards, including rub tests
  •       Work on difficult surfaces, eg low energy plastics, powder coated or galvanised metals
  •       Waterproof, UV or chemical resistance
  •       For security applications using tamperproof and tamper evident materials
  •       Fluorescent, retro-reflective or photoluminescent finishes

We provide our products in a selection of materials and specifications, so please browse our range, or get in touch to find out more!

Whatever you are looking for, we can supply your long term or temporary needs for nameplates, industrial label stickers, and metal/plastic tags. Contact Label Source today via email: sales@labelsource.co.uk or call: 0800 3761 693 for further information.

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