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Valve and Pipe Identification

If you're looking for pipe marking products that comply with all applicable UK and EU standards, we at Label Source have the perfect solution. From pipeline identification labels and valve tags to aluminium foil tape and split rings, we can assist with all your valve and pipe marking needs.

Pipelines should be labelled appropriately to ensure safety and security at all times. Here at LabelSource.co.uk, you will find all of the products you need to ensure that this is done properly. We stock:Pipe marking labels, Pipe marking tapes, Valve tags, Valve fixing products

Our products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on a wide range of surfaces, whether they require self-adhesive tape or non-adhesive banding tape. You’ll also find that every item we supply is long-lasting, high-quality, and compliant to: BS 1710, BS 4800, EU 92/58

Our Valve & Pipe Marking Range

Why do I need valve and pipe identification labels? 
It can be more efficient for maintenance crews to locate the pipes that require maintenance. Clearly visible and readable pipe markings that indicate pipe contents and flow direction help identify the valves they need to shut off. Pipe and valve identification labels not only boost productivity but also prevent mishaps by alerting workers, subcontractors, and first responders to potentially hazardous pipe contents.
 What type of pipe markers/valve tags are available? 
Alongside our pipe marking products we also stock everything you need to make sure your valves are clearly marked and in perfect working order. Browse Label Source to find: Valve tags, Aluminium foil tape, Split rings, Link chains, Valve tag stamps & much more
 Which pipe marking products do I need? 

Generally speaking, the content of pipelines is marked by a colour coding system that distinguishes, gases, water, steam, chemicals,air, mineral oils, fire services, electrical services and vent ducts, other fluids and auxiliary services

You can choose to use a plain, colour-coded pipe marking tape or a product with more information on it. This can include text that identifies the pipe’s contents and arrows to show the direction of content flow. We can custom-manufacture these products to your desired specifications if necessary.

With more than 50 combined years in the business, we are more than capable of providing information and support to all customers from all industries. Whether you know the exact code of the precise valve tags you require or need our help to decide which pipe marking products are best suited to your needs, the Label Source team are ready and able to help. To speak with a member of our customer support team, please call 0800 3761693 or email sales@labelsource.co.uk.

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