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Safety Signs

Welcome to our Safety Signs department, where you'll find an extensive range of health and safety signs for use in workplaces and public areas. Our safety signs are manufactured to meet all applicable regulations, helping your organisation to comply with UK, EU, and international safety legislation.

To purchase your safety signs from Label Source, please select a category from the list below. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us.

Why are health and safety signs necessary?

As an employer, you are legally obliged to provide a safe working environment for your staff. You also have a duty to protect the general public from any hazards associated with your business and its processes.

To fulfil this responsibility, you will need to use the correct safety signs to visually identify all hazards and threats. Health and safety signage helps to prevent accidents and injuries on your premises, and here at Label Source, we supply all the safety signs you need to keep your workplace safe.

What safety signs are available from Label Source?

  • Prohibition safety signs represent a series of 'do nots' covering prohibited activities such as smoking. These signs consist of a red circle and diagonal line with a black symbol on a white background, with white text on a red panel.
  • Hazard warning signs outline the risks and dangers involved in the use of industrial machinery and equipment, as well as from power sources (electricity, solar, wind), fire, physical conditions (confined spaces, slippery or uneven surfaces), hazards from contact with chemicals (COSHH and GHS including toxic, corrosive, flammable, oxidising, harmful or irritant), hazards from radiation (ionising and non-ionising), laser, asbestos and biological or clinical agents. These safety signs have a yellow triangle with a black outline and internal black symbol, with black text on yellow background panel.
  • Mandatory safety signs cover a range of 'to do' instructions, including: the use of clothing and equipment for breathing; head, eye, ear, body, hand and foot protection; safe manual handling; kitchen safety and food hygiene; and essential fire action guidance. These signs feature a blue circle with a white pictogram, and white wording on a blue background.
  • Safe conditions signs represent safe operating conditions including first aid and associated facilities (such as emergency eyewash and shower points). These signs have a green background with white symbol and text.
  • Fire safety signs identify firefighting equipment for use in the event of a fire outbreak, including fire extinguishers, fire alarm call points, and fire hose reels. These signs have a red square background with white pictogram and text.
We also offer a range of other safety products, including a selection of ancillary items such as safety armbands, window safety decals, photoluminescent (glow in the dark) safety signs, and tactile and braille signs, as well as custom-made signage products.

If you have any questions about the health and safety signs available from Label Source, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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