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Safety Signs

Welcome to our Safety Signs department, where you'll find an extensive range of health and safety signs for use in workplaces and public areas. Our safety signs are manufactured to meet all applicable regulations, helping your organisation to comply with UK, EU, and international safety legislation.

Why are health and safety signs necessary?

As an employer, you are legally obliged to provide a safe working environment for your staff. You also have a duty to protect the general public from any hazards associated with your business and its processes.

To fulfil this responsibility, you will need to use the correct safety signs & warning signs to identify all hazards and threats. Health and safety signage helps to prevent accidents and injuries on your premises, we supply all the safety signs you need to keep your workplace safe.

To purchase your safety signs and sign products from Label Source, please select a category from the list below. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us.

Why is No Smoking Signage Essential?

Our no smoking signs and the supplementary smoking-permitted signs let people know where smoking areas are located on your site, and where people cannot smoke.

No smoking signs are also often required for operational safety. Depending on the type of goods processed, appropriate signage is required by law in many companies as part of their health and safety signs in areas that could contain flammable materials.

These signs are essential both by law. Businesses are also encouraged to have a smoking area clearly labelled with a “Smoking is permitted” sign to ensure that any on-site smoking occurs exclusively in this area.



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