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Barrier Tape

We offer a wide range of non-adhesive barrier and security barrier tapes for a variety of different purposes. Our barrier tape products can be used to:

•    Clearly mark segregated areas
•    Create strict routes for large volumes of pedestrians
•    Cordon off hazards
•    Show motorists where to park their vehicles
•    Control crowds at sporting/promotional events

Barrier tape is incredibly versatile. Security barrier tape is essential for all types of situations, not only the ones listed above. Label Source delivers cheap barrier tape that doesn’t compromise on its quality or security. 

Specially made to fit your specifications, our barrier tape is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are UV-stable, scratch-resistant and, most importantly, utilitarian. Our barrier tapes include red and white barrier tape, electrical hazard tape, security tape, barricade tape and biohazard tape. 

Our standard barrier tape designs (plain colours or red and white or black and yellow) are supplied in lengths of 500 metres. Dispensers are included for ease of application. We also supply a variety of printed barrier tapes for more specific uses - see below for further details, or select one of the following categories to explore our range of barrier tape products:

We also supply Self-Adhesive TapesConstruction Tapes, and Floor Markers.

Our coloured barrier tape is available in six distinct colours: yellow, red, orange, blue, white and green barrier tapes. 
Our economy-grade barrier tape is available in two different colours: red and white or black and yellow.

What Kind of Barrier Tape Do You Need?

Aside from our standard barricade tape products - which can be used for a wide range of generic purposes - we also supply a broad range of printed barrier tape, which offer more specific instructions and warnings. Here are some examples of the printed barricades that we can provide:

•    Electrical hazard tape
•    Police/security barrier tape
•    Barricade tape for construction sites
•    Biohazard warning tape

Visit our printed barrier tape department to see more, or select an alternate category from the list above.

Can't find the barricade tape you need? Give us a call on 0800 3761 693, or email sales@labelsource.co.uk.

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