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Photoluminescent Tapes

Our range of high-performance photoluminescent tape continues Label Source’s brand of quality even when the lights go out. Glow in the dark tape that maintains its quality is difficult to find, but as a trusted photoluminescent tape supplier, we pride ourselves on consistency. 

This range of high-performance photoluminescent tapes are made from glow in the dark material, which will continue to operate should the lighting system fail. This will provide guidance for emergency access, identifying the location of obstacles, and marking dangerous areas. The glow in the dark tape will recharge on restoration of the light source (sunlight. halogen, fluorescent, tungsten etc.), absorbing and storing the light.

Photoluminescent tapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Also known as illumination tape, it can be used on handrails, stairways, skirtings, and to clearly mark hazards, or assist in locating emergency fire and first aid equipment.

To order your photoluminescent tapes choose from the following options below:

Photoluminescent Tape - Additional Information

These tapes cover a wide variety of options from: 
•    Guidance for emergency access 
•    Identifying the location of obstacles
•    Marking dangerous area

Here is some more information about our range of photoluminescent tapes to help you with your order:
•    Size - 40mm x 10m 
•    Material - Photoluminescent, self-adhesive 
•    Tape can be used indoor and outdoor 
•    Will recharge on restoration of the light source 
•    Can be used on handrails, stairways, skirtings and emergency fire and first aid equipment

If you have any other questions about Label Source's range of Photoluminescent Tapes, please don't hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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