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Wavey Wire Detection Tapes

Plastic detectable warning tape with integral twin stainless steel tracer wires for marking and locating underground utility lines, cables and pipework to enable location of these from above ground, as well as providing a visual warning to third parties during excavation work.

The tape is 150 micron thick (0.15mm), and the printed details are coated with a transparent layer to provide scratch and chemical resistance (solvents, acids and alkalis). The construction is free of PVC. The pattern of the tracer wires allows any extension required as a result of earth movements, and the wires can be extended by crimping or twisting lengths together, and the end of the tape needs to be located at ground level for connection with location equipment.

Approvals for these wavey wire detection tapes include UK Civil Engineers, Department of Transport highways specification clause 16/11, UK Water Company and UK Gas Industry specifications.

Text versions include electric, water, gas, communications, street lighting, fuel main, fibre optic, sewers and ducts.

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