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Flagging Tape

Label Source’s flagging tape comes in high visibility colours, shades and patterns to support all manner of surveying, forestry and hazard highlighting. 

Surveyors tape, also known as flag ribbon, is needed to mark all kinds of natural constructs in nature management. These non-adhesive barrier tapes are suitable to mark boundaries and utility lines, for surveying, to denote hazards, for forestry applications of logging or identifying dangerous or unhealthy trees, by emergency services and for recreational purposes such as race course marking. The tape is also useful in sport, particularly orienteering and race management in cross-country races. 

We have survey tape colours in pink, blue, green and every tone in between. Our flagging tape also boasts impressive resilience to UV, tears and cracks in temperatures above 0°C. 

Our range of high visibility flagging tape is available in a range of vibrant colours and designs. Whatever your flagging tape needs, scroll down for the right answer. 

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