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Anti-Slip Tape

Our anti-slip tape comes with a coarse, textured surface, which provides added grip on slippery and/or uneven surfaces. Slip-resistant tape can be an extremely effectual health and safety measure, minimising the risk of slips, trips and falls.

Label Source's assorted anti-slip tapes are made with a durable, waterproof film, which is resin-bonded with mineral grains for even more grip.Our slip-resistant tape is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and the durable films allows it to cope with pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. The tapes perform well in wet conditions, and even when spotted with oil or grease!

Anti-slip tape can be used in the following areas:

  • Steps/staircases
  • Ramps
  • Split/uneven floors
  • Slippery surfaces

If you are looking for a simple yet effective means of preventing trips and slips, our anti-slip tape is the perfect solution. We have a range of different colours available, and our prices are very reasonable indeed.

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Slip-Resistant Tape: Common Uses

Our anti-slip tape lends itself to a wide variety of different applications. Here are some of the most common:

 Ramps and Stairs 

Anywhere that the floor beneath your feet is not standard and flat could benefit from anti-slip tape. Ramps and staircases in particular can be trip hazards due to their incline, particularly if they’re made of a polished material. So, it’s important to make sure they’re as safe as possible for anyone using them.

Split/Uneven Floors 

Uneven floors can be found almost everywhere. However, some split floors are purposeful, like at shop fronts or other public entrances.

 Near Dangerous Machinery 

Having a barrier of non-slip tape anywhere around dangerous machinery could be lifesaving. Anyone working with dangerous machinery must be extra cautious of health and safety, and non-slip tape could be what stops someone from tripping and injuring themselves.

 In Vehicles 

Much like with staircases, the step up into many vehicles can be a trip hazard, and this is amplified in high vehicles that have steps to climb into the cabin. With our non-slip tape, you can make sure your vehicle is as safe as possible for yourself and any passengers.

Other Slippery Surfaces 

Generally, though, these slip-resistant tapes can be used anywhere - if you think that a surface is particularly slippery, or if there is an area on your site around which a fall would be particularly hazardous, then placing some anti-slip tape around this zone is probably a good idea. Have a look at our blog post, ‘Why do I need anti-slip tape?’, for more advice.

The self-adhesive base of the anti-slip tape makes it easy to install in any area. Simply place the tape on the surface which requires slip-resistance, and you have an effective solution.

For further information about our slip-resistant tape products, call 0800 3761 693 now. We are more than happy to help with that or any other query you may have about any of our products. 

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