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Within the healthcare sector, Label Source is a long-standing supplier of appliance marking products to OEMs, importers, distributors, hospitals, laboratories and clinics.

This includes labels under IEC 60601 covering the safe performance, operation, ownership, maintenance, service, repair and calibration of such biomedical or clinical engineering instruments including; patient monitoring equipment; infusion and syringe pumps; diagnostic ECG; electrosurgical devices; and equipment for audiology, anaesthesia, physiotherapy, renal, dental, oxygen and therapy.

On manufactured products, bespoke label products can incorporate dates and details of manufacturer, model and serial number, CE compliance, and a range of safety symbols covering a range of hazards including electrical, finger trap, pinch points, crush or danger of infection.

The labels can be supplied with a variety of adhesive options to adhere to a range of housing materials, and are laminated to provide swab resistance, as well as being waterproof, heat, abrasion or scratch, chemical and UV resistant. Thus, ensure continuous legibility, without any smudging or erasing of text. These labels can include barcodes or serial numbers for inventory tracking.

For further information on these products, or for a quotation please contact us by e-mail at sales@labelsource.co.uk or by telephone 0800 3761693 (UK) or +44 1443 842769 (outside the UK).