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images of various metal signs

For all businesses, reducing plastic should be the goal. However, plastics are everywhere. Plastic is not just water bottles and household waste; it’s microplastics, storage containers, furniture, etc.

An area that contributes to plastic waste is signs. The vast majority of safety and office signs are plastic-based, with many choosing to use plastic nameplates and office signs over metal options due to their affordability.

However, metal signs can last longer and recycle better than plastic options. Below, we will discuss how metal signs can be used to reduce plastic waste in the workplace. More...

What differentiates a modern building site from an older one? Sure, there may be better safety equipment, scaffolding and materials, but what else has changed?

These days, there are more and better-varied signs and labels on construction sites. These aren’t just for show – they help enforce safety standards.

Below, we discuss the different types of building site safety signs available, how they impact construction site safety and their importance. More...

image of alphabetical and numerical wire markers

Cable management is important. Whether you work in an office, lab or factory, loose cables and wires can pose serious slipping and fire risks. For many businesses, having a proper cable marking system can help significantly.

However, implementing a wire marking system is difficult without the correct tools and protocol. Thankfully, we have something that can make cable knots a distant memory.

Below, we’ll discuss how cable markers can help you achieve a better, more streamlined cable management system. More...