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The metal tags we sell here at Label Source are seriously durable little chaps. All of our metals tags are made from 304 grade stainless steel, which may not mean a lot to you, but take it from us, at 0.5mm thick its strength and versatility make it perfect for the job-in-hand.

You can purchase them in either circular or square shapes depending on your preference, and they come in packs of 25 tags. Generally, these tags are used for marking machinery, equipment, or anything else that needs adequate labelling.

On each of our metal tags you will find a small hole for fixing, allowing you to apply them in a multitude of different ways – you’ll even find they fit onto key fobs!

The advantages of our tags don’t even end there, on top of all the above you’ll also find that our tags have high ductility, are able to be sterilised, need little maintenance, resist stains and chemicals, and can also be used in the most of extreme temperature – honestly now, what more could you ask for out of a metal tag?

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Packaging is used to enclose and protect products which are being sent off for distribution. To communicate with the distributer or receiver of the products, packaging labels should be placed on the product packaging. This should be done to ensure there is no damage to the person or to the product. These labels or tapes inform people how heavy, light and fragile the package may be. The labels can also inform the person on how the package should be handled. This can then give them a rough idea of what the item may be, to ensure no damage to themselves or product. 

Label Source provides a range of packaging labels, tapes and stencils in a self-Adhesive Vinyl material. All these labels comply with internationally recognisable symbols and are available in a variety of sizes.

Our packaging labels are made of self-adhesive vinyl, supplied in rolls of 500. These rolls are perfect for companies who frequently send out packages which need to be labelled. This includes signs stating how fragile or heavy the goods are and if they need to be handled with care. The labels inform how the goods need to be placed and which end the packaging should be opened. We provide packaging labels informing people if there is glass within the package or any sharp objects. These should be used to inform the distributer or receiver to be careful when opening.

Label Source provides a range of Shipping labels and heavy duty packaging labels. The labels are waterproof, abrasion and chemical resistant. These large format, self-adhesive paper labels include pictograms for fragile, handle with care, this way up, keep dry, protect from heat or sunlight, do not stack, lift cart here, no use of fork lifts, sharp blades or hand hooks, static sensitive, temperature (ambient, chilled and frozen), and do not drop. 

Blank Metal Nameplates can be used for a number of different reasons. This includes marking plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings. They can be marked by stamping, engraving or laser engraving. These versatile blank nameplates are supplied both with a self-adhesive backing, and with drill holes, providing the customer with different fixing means to suit the requirements. Label Source provides a range of Blank Metal Nameplates in brass, stainless steel and anodised aluminium all supplied in a rectangular shape. The nameplates range in sizes from 15mm x 50mm to 51mm x 101mm and are supplied in packs of 100.

Anodised Aluminium Nameplates:

The Anodised Aluminium Nameplates come with drilled holes for fixing and a self-adhesive back. The nameplates are strong especially at low temperatures), lightweight, corrosive resistant, non-magnetic, non-toxic, high reflectivity, non-sparking with good electrical and thermal conductivity. These badges can suit all different requirements as they can be stamped or engraved, and marked for equipment valves, machinery, regulators and process plant.

Brass Nameplates:

These versatile Brass tags can be stamped or engraved, and can be used to mark equipment, valves, machinery, regulators and process plant. These brass nameplates arestrong, corrosive resistant, non-magnetic, electrically and thermally conductive, and have low friction properties (low spark emission).

Stainless Steel Nameplates:

These 304 grade Stainless Steel Nameplates (0.5mm thickness or 24 swg) are a low maintenance metal alloy, which has physical or mechanical properties of strength, hardness, and high ductility, but which are also chemical and stain resistant, and are able to be sterilised. Also, they can operate over a wide temperature range, both at low and high temperatures.

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You cannot get away from it. You hear about it all the time, yet are you and your business doing anything about it?

Operating ethically and taking your business environmental impact into account cannot just help the environment; it can also help with your business. Consumers take into account green candidates when deciding who to do business with. So why don’t you help the environment, while helping your business gain custom.

5 Tips on how your business can become ‘green’ with the help of Label Source

 1-      Cut back on the use of energy and resources. Make sure all lights and office equipment are turned off, when leaving the office. Our signs can reinforce the message in the workplace, informing and reminding people to follow good practise guidelines.

2-     Recycle plastic bottles, paper, cans etc. Make sure your bins are assigned to each recycling material and waste segregation.

3-      Reusing packaging for products.

4-       Use economical fuel type. Avoiding unnecessary journeys.

5-      Inform your colleagues and encourage everyone to recycle, and work as a team to make your company greener. 

We provide a range of signs and labels informing people of how to become part of a green environment. Our recycling signs inform people, step by step of how to become green to help identify locations for collection and storage of recycling products. We provide a range of waste segregation signs to help people understand recycling better. We provide a variety of Wrap selected recycling signs, suitable for marking bins, containers, receptacles, pallets, bays and collection areas, to assist in meeting your waste targets including in your recycling programme. 

Become green with the help of Label Source!

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Why recycle?

Waste has a negative impact on the environment; therefore recycling is the best way to have a positive impact on the world. Here are a few reasons why:

Environmental purposes: 

 ·     Landfill sites release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses into the environment. Recycling will help reduce the pollution which is caused by waste, this then helps to battle climate change. This can result in land contamination.

 ·     Current UK recycling is predicted to save more than 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year – equivalent to taking 5 million cars off the road.  

 ·      Climate change is caused by deforestation. Recycling will result in reducing the need for raw materials so that rainforests can be preserved.

·         Finally, Energy is used when making raw materials, recycling will require less energy and therefore helps to preserve natural resources.

Welfare to humans and animals

If you do not recycle you can damage human and animal health and welfare. An example of this is primary and secondary exposure to toxic metals, such as lead, results mainly from open-air burning used to retrieve valuable components such as gold. Combustion from burning e-waste creates fine particulate matter, which is linked to pulmonary and cardiovascular disease.

How Label Source can help.

Label Source is passionate about recycling and would like to help you and your company to become green. We provide a range of recycling signs to help prompt people to identify locations for collection and storage of products for recycling. Apart from general recycling points, there are specific signs for aluminium cans, glass, plastics, newspapers, engine oil, metals, clinical waste and non-hazardous general waste. The signs can form part of a waste recycling programme to minimise the use of resources, process waste, and to prevent products going directly into landfill.

These signs are used in manufacturing, retail, construction, schools and colleges, hospitals, public areas, offices, warehousing and distribution. All the signs cover the mobius loop symbol to signify recyclable products, whether solid or liquid. They can be used at recycling centres, on waste bins, wheelie bins, bottle banks, trash cans or sharps / needle stick disposal boxes. Start promoting recycling today to prevent environmental consequences.