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How do you communicate the health of equipment to staff in the most efficient way? How do you make your workplace inspection checklist perfect? Can you better streamline your workplace inspection checklist?

Well, as always, there is a label that can handle that. Combined status labels communicate key information to employees and maintenance staff concerning the health of equipment. They also provide details on how to maintain equipment properly.

Below, we’ll discuss how combined status labels work, and why they should be part of your workplace safety inspections. More...

We’ve all been there: you’ve just bought a fragile item online, and it’s arrived damaged. How could this happen? Aren’t regulations in place to stop this? Why was the big sticker stating “fragile” ignored?

Transporting fragile goods is difficult. However, there are regulations in place to stop goods from arriving damaged, and buyer protections exist. It is better to use fragile stickers as these proactively prevent damage.

Below, we’ll discuss what fragile means, how fragile stickers help, the regulations around shipping fragile items, and the types of fragile goods businesses often handle. More...

Quarantine has become a big topic since 2020. Previously, the term was reserved for labs and zombie films; now, it’s an everyday part of the world’s COVID response.

UK quarantine rules have frequently changed since the start of the pandemic, to mixed effects. However, one thing is clear with each iteration of quarantine guidelines: they’re difficult to enforce, and people need help following them.

Below, we’ll discuss how quarantine signs and labels have played an important part in the UK’s COVID response, as well as explain the impact these guidelines have had on public health. More...

The UK’s fire safety regulations have received criticism over recent years. The Grenfell Tower incident in 2017 highlighted massive issues with tower block safety, namely fire safety standards.

It also highlighted huge issues in wealth disparity and living standards, as well as the need for good fire safety protocols when constructing and maintaining a tower block building.

As more information is revealed, it is becoming increasingly clear that tower block safety isn’t where it needs to be in the UK. Why has this happened, and how can we fix it? More...

image of hand sanitisation stations and signs

Most people wash their hands without thinking about it. This can be a good thing, as regular handwashing works best when it’s a habit. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made it apparent that many of us weren’t washing our hands properly – or often enough.

Over the past 18 months, handwashing has been vital protection for many; it has kept people safe, healthy and infection-free. Now, with many workplaces having re-opened, following safe handwashing practices is important to safeguard staff and customers.

Below, we discuss how to wash hands properly, the types of handwashing available and how you can help enforce the practice in your workplace. More...