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Our range of versatile, colour coded frames are ideal for housing fixed or variable information, in the form of instructions, work documents, notices, memos, leaflets and signs.

These provide an efficient method of conveying information in a range of manufacturing systems (5S, lean or kanban), offices, warehouses, libraries and commercial or public locations.

The frames are available in four sizes, ranging from A5 to A2, and in five colour schemes (blue, black, green, red and yellow) to international safety colour standards, with a clear protected document viewing area, and are available with either self adhesive or magnetic fixing, and can be used for displaying health and safety instructions and guidance.

The magnetic frames can be applied to flat steel or ferrous surfaces, and have a significantly strong pull force. Not only can documents be inserted and removed easily, there is the added bonus of these frames being relocated and re-used, thereby providing total flexibility on location, and no damage to any surfaces.

The alternative product in the range is a self adhesive fitting for permanent fixing to a selection of flat surfaces, where there is no requirement for relocation.

All frames are universal, in that they can be used vertically or horizontally, to display your information in a pristine condition in these wipe clean housings.

From 1st July 2013, most windows and external doors will need to be CE marked by installers, fabricators and suppliers to comply with European legislation, and relevant product standards BS EN 14351-1:2006 + A 2010 for windows and doors, and BS EN 1279 for insulated glass units.

Label Source has vast experience of supplying CE labels in both standard format, and as made to order versions to include specific company and product details. These labels are legible and are rub test compliant to meet the required standards.

For further information or a quotation, please e-mail sales@labelsource.co.uk or telephone 0800 3761693 (in the UK) or +44 29 20 865212 (outside UK), or visit our website to view standard CE labels.