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Thermal transfer labels are manufactured for use with industrial thermal transfer printers, and come in a selection of sizes, colours and shapes to suit a variety of purposes. They are also available in a variety of materials, in order to allow you to select the appropriate level of durability and security required for your labelling needs. At Label Source, we stock the following selection of Thermal Transfer Labels:

Self-Adhesive Paper 

Our self-adhesive paper have a thickness of 71 micron, and are available in a range of sizes and colours. They have an operating temperature range of -15 to +90 degrees (celsius), making them suitable for use in a variety of environments. Each label is top coated for print clarity, making them ideal for barcode labelling.

Self Adhesive Vinyl 

Like the regular self-adhesive labels, these vinyl thermal transfer labels come in a wide selection of colours and shapes, with a top coat for print clarity. What sets these labels apart is their high tack and bond properties, as well as their weather and chemical resistant properties. They also have an increased operating temperature range, allowing them to be used at lows of -30 degrees.


These labels are available in two material colours, but still come in a selection of shapes and sizes for your convenience. Like the self-adhesive vinyl, the material is highly bonding, and is resistant to weather, water, UV and chemical damage. Unlike the self-adhesive labels, however, these have a thickness of 50 micron for added durability.To provide improved security, the material fragments on attempted removal, which means that it cannot be removed intact or re-used. 

Tamper Evident 

These labels also come in a thickness of 50 micron, and have an impressive operating temperature of -40 to +150 degrees (C). They are highly durable, and can withstand damage caused by poor weather conditions or contact with chemicals. An ideal choice for security marking, this label will delaminate on attempted removal, leaving a pattern behind to mark the area. 

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When storing gas cylinders, it is important to remember that the cannisters can be extremely volatile due to the substances contained within, and must therefore be handled with the greatest amount of care. To prevent accidents involving gases under pressure, it is vital that these cannisters are correctly labelled and marked-out wherever and whenever present. It is also important t that these notices and instructions are clear and easy to comprehend, to prevent confusion and to give prudent notice of their location. 

Gas Cylinder Storage Signs 

To aid in the identification of designated areas to safely stock and handle gas cylinders, we stock a selection of gas cylinder safety and warning signs to provide instructions. These signs identify the contents of the cylinders and provide warnings regarding the increased risks associated with them, allowing you to alert individuals to possible dangers and guide responsible practice.

Gas Cylinder Tags 

To aid the handling and transportation of these cylinders, we provide gas cylinder safety tags, which indicate the use status of each particular container. This allows users to identify when the cylinder is full and ready to use, as well as highlighting when the cylinder is empty and unsafe for operation. For easy comprehension, these tags are also colour coded to provide a clear signal.

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Amongst our range of products, we have a selection of products to identify water supply in pipework (both above ground and underground), in pressure vessels, in treatment equipment, and in storage tanks and drums. This includes the supply to domestic, commercial and industrial locations.

The location of underground pipe systems can be identified by either our rot and chemical resistant, polythene underground warning tapes, or by using scratch detectable tape with stainless steel tracer wires. These can assist in locating pipework or surrounding ductwork to prevent damage during excavations by utility or third party contractors. The underground warning tapes include options for reclaimed water, rain water as well as water main, sewer and drain. They are manufactured from 50 micron (0.05mm thickness) virgin grade low-density polyethylene, and contain no PVC. The tapes comply with a number of standards, including: BS2782 for the testing of plastic materials; BS381C for colours; and BS3012 specification for low and intermediate density polythene. The traceable tapes are constructed from 150 micron thick, and the printed details are coated with a transparent layer to provide scratch and chemical resistance. Again, a range of water pipe, drain and sewer options are available.

Pipeline identification tapes can identify the content of water carrying pipes, and are manufactured to BS1710 and BS4800 for construction and colour schemes. Most of the tapes relating to water content tend to be black on green (colour reference 12D45). Our comprehensive range includes drinking water, mains water, chilled water, bore hole water, condensate, hot water, process water, rain water, boiler feed and cold feed. Click this link to see the full range. Also, we have waste water tapes for drain or effluent, and direction of flow tapes.

In addition, there are several tagging options for pipe fittings and valves. There are blank tags or custom printed tags in indoor and outdoor plastics, and metals (aluminium, brass and stainless steel).

At the outlet point, we have a selection of safety labels and signs for drinking water, not drinking water and hot water to ISO EN 1710 and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.


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Every time we go to the bathroom, we are presented with blue signs reminding us to wash our hands.  However, it seems that these signs have become faded into the background and people have started to not notice them, or ignore them all together! Washing your hands after you have been to the bathroom and before you prepare food will kill any viruses you may be carrying and eliminate the risk of infection or contamination. A lesson that Raigmore hospital in inverness is hoping to teach their patients and visitors.

Raigmore hospital has arranged demonstrations on hand hygiene as the hospital has had multiple outbreaks of the Norovirus. Noroviruses are a group of viruses that cause inflammation of the stomach and large intestine lining.  If you have contracted a norovirus you may experience flu type symptoms, such as, a low-grade fever, Chills, Headaches, muscle aches and fatigue.  Norovirous can be controlled simply by washing your hands. Doctors at Raigmore hospital are hopeing that their demonstrations will help to “re-educate” patients and visitors on how to keep their hands clean.

Unfortunatley you cannot force someone to wash their hands, using signs can work to gently remind people to wash their hands, for these signs to work effectively please ensure you have placed them in a location where people will notice them and take action.

Here at label source, we supply a huge range of mandatory hand washing signs, ideal for companies to use in their bathrooms, food preparation area or hospitals. If you can can’t find the exact sign you require, feel free to get in touch

Manual handling is the act of lifting or moving loads that is carried out manually by workers. These activities can include lifting, pulling, pushing, holding, stacking of heavy loads, such as boxes.

Even though we may not realise it, there are many risks that stem from manual handing, such has health hazards, damages to your back if you are repeatedly lifting heavy loads or lifting heavy loads incorrectly.

We have all attended the classic manual handling workplace meeting, you know the one, where an external trainer comes in and makes you all stand in a line and pick up an empty box!! Even though it may be boring at the time, they are actually teaching us a really important lesson, one which we should put into practise to prevent injury every time we lift a load, and not just in the workplace.

During this training session, we also learn how to stack the loads correctly to prevent the loads from creating a hazard, or a fatal accident from falling. This is essential skill to master, especially if your workers are expected to stack loads onto pallets and in containers.

However, not everyone will remember their manual handling training so it is important to remind them of their training when they are required to carry out manual handling. No, we don’t mean talk them through it each time they need to lift a box, this would prove to be extremely time consuming and expensive waste of time. We are talking about using visual reminders around your work place.

Here at Label Source, we produce a range manual handling safety signs and warning labels including signs that remind your workers to lift loads correctly, stack their loads correctly to prevent boxes falling, and to gently remind people to ask for help if they are tasked with moving a heavy load.


Not only do we produce safety signs, we also supply safety guides. These are more detailed signs talking through how to prevent injury by correctly lifting loads, and the manual handling regulations, so in the event your employee has forgotten how to lift correctly, they can refer to these guides. 

Here at Label Source we stock a huge range of heavy lifting signs, cautionary labels and safety guides, however if you are looking for a specific sign, and you can not find it in our range, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.