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Quality control measures are a hugely important measure for ensuring public safety, particularly in production line environments. Implemented by a standardised system of inspection and testing, these procedures allow products, components and assemblies to be monitored and assessed, according to the recommended safety and quality standards of each particular industry. This prevents potential hazards to the workforce and public, while also helping to ensure that the set quality requirements are being upheld.

To track and implement this system efficiently, companies often use visual indicators to communicate the status of each item, and to keep track of scheduled inspections. Here at Label Source, we stock a huge selection of quality control and calibration labels, which are designed for the purpose of clearly indicating the test status of the item in question. One of the most important label types in this selection, are our 'QC Rejected Labels', which are used to indicate failed inspections, and provide appropriate warnings. By using these labels to highlight testing and monitoring failures, employees are able to take the correct action in response to this status, guarding their own safety, as well as that of the public.

Here are some of the QC rejected labels that we provide:


Rejected Label w. Date & ID 

This QC rejected label not only provides a striking visual warning about the item in question, but also provides evidence of inspection, with space to add personal details and the testing date.


Jumbo Quality Assurance Labels 

If you have a larger item or piece of equipment that needs to be marked, these jumbo labels are the ideal way to provide clear visual notices on a larger scale.

Rejected Label With Remarks

For enhanced details, we also provide QC rejected labels with space for additional comments. This allows the reason for failure to be explained, and can also be provided as a guide for further action.


To see our full selection of quality control labels, click here!

We've all had trouble distinguishing on/off switches at least once in our lifetime. It can be hard to tell which switch is which when they look exactly the same. If you're sick and tired of pressing the wrong switch all the time, these On and Off labels are perfect for you! They're suitable for a variety of machinery and will ensure you never make the mistake of pressing the wrong switch again!

These labels are supplied in rolls of 250, so you can ensure that every switch has one, and are available in two sizes - 15mm x 15mm or 25mm x 25mm. They're made from material laminated self-adhesive polyester with a clear polyester laminate, allowing them to stick to almost any surface. These On and Off switches can operate in temperatures between -30°C to 120°C; are rub test compliant, and are waterproof - so they're pretty durable and will be able to withstand even the most harshest of conditions. 

If you wish to purchase an On switch click here, or to purchase and Off switch click hereFor further information please click here, or contact us by e-mail (sales@labelsource.co.uk) or by telephone 0800 3761693 (in UK) or +44 1443 842769 (outside UK).

Here at Label Source, we provide a huge selection of products for safe marking purposes, so if you're looking for a chemical hazard label, you're sure to find a suitable product in our comprehensive range. Although we pride ourselves on our ability to offer this variety, we realise that it may not always be helpful for locating and choosing the product you need, especially if you're not quite sure what you should be looking for.

For this reason, we decided to publish this blog as a quick introduction to the chemical hazard labels in our range, as a handy guide to their specifications and use:

Diamond Hazard Warning Labels

This type of chemical hazard label is the most common and well-recognised product in our range, and are commonly used during the storage and transportation of hazardous substances. This can include everything from gases and flammable materials, to toxic substances and corrosive chemicals, each of which have their own recognisable symbols and colour code.

Write-on Diamond Hazard Labels

While our standard labels supply the desired level of warning instructions in most cases, there are certain operations which require additional detail to be added. In transportation and shipping environments, handlers may require more information about the package in question. The write-on panel on these labels allows the UN details of the consignment to be added for display, making it easy to retrieve additional details.

UN Labels 

As mentioned above, UN details can aid in identifying specific forms of hazardous chemicals, which is why we supply a range of labels which are designed with this exact purpose in mind. These are ideal for marking vehicles which are used to transport hazardous goods, and can be particularly useful for allowing the emergency services to act accordingly in the event of an accident. The number sequences are unique to each chemical hazard label, identifying the type of substance being carried.

GHS Labels

This labelling system was put in place by the United Nations, in order to ensure that dangerous chemicals are labelled the same way across the globe. This 'Globally Harmonised System' ensures that potential hazards are easy to indentify and recognise in any country, which is particularly useful for those who trade overseas, or regularly ship goods between countries/continents.


To find a specific chemical hazard label, view our full range here.


Having suitable warning signs and labels is one of the most important elements of workplace health and safety. These visual symbols and written warnings contribute to the safe conduct of staff and members of the public, by alerting them to the presence of possible hazards, and the location of life-saving equipment. While our range of universal safety labels are ideal for pointing out risks, and advising safe conduct, we realise that certain environments call for a more tailored approach to safety warnings and it would just be easier to make your own warning label. For this reason, we also supply a huge choice of custom safety labels, which can be used to provide clear visual warnings, with the option to add your own bespoke wording.

Each label in our selection is made from self-adhesive vinyl with a laminated surface, making them resistant to abrasions, and protecting them from damage due due to weather, chemicals and UV rays.

Some of the custom warning labels in our range include:


Mandatory & PPE Signs

These custom warning labels are ideal for workplaces and operations which require the use protective clothing, and are also ideal for reminding workers of proper working procedures, by observing the correct safety measures. Below is just a small selection of the symbols we have to choose from.

Hazard Warnings

These warning labels are ideal for use in potentially dangerous environments, or in combination with materials and equipment which present specific risks, such as electrical hazards, chemical hazards, practical risks, and more! See a few of the symbols we provide below, or head to the customisation page to see the full selection and make your own safety label.

Prohibition Signs

When certain activities, items or persons are prohibited, these signs provide a clear visual message to workers and visitors, in order to assist in the prevention of disallowed practices. See our examples below, and find the full range of options on the product page to make your own warning label.

Safe Condition and Medical Symbols

This choice of custom warning labels is intended to enhance and facilitate safe working procedures, for day to day compliance, and safety in the event of an emergency. The choice includes everything from first aid equipment signs to fire exit markers, which is available to view by clicking the link above.


To make your own warning label, or to view our full selection of designs and specifications, click here!

Preprinted Asset Tags

Why waste time and effort designing and printing out your own asset tags when you could simply order preprinted asset tags from us at Label Source? We have supplied asset tracking products to a huge variety of different businesses over the years, and our expertise extends to a range of different solutions, including:

When you order your preprinted asset tags from Label Source, you don't just get to specify the serial/barcode numbers that will appear on your labels - you can also choose your print colour, add custom text (e.g. 'Property of BestCo Ltd'), and even give additional artwork instructions for our design team to follow.

This means that you can order custom-printed asset labels that harmonise perfectly with your company's brand identity. Here are some examples of what we're capable of delivering.

Types of Preprinted Asset Tags from Label Source

Custom Asset Tags

We have preprinted labels to suit all of your needs - but the customisation options don't end there! Our preprinted asset tags are also available in an extensive range of different materials, allowing you to order exactly the right labels for the job. Choose from the following options:

Click here to see our full range of Asset Tagging & Property Marking solutions, or contact Label Source to discuss your bespoke requirements with a labelling expert.