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At Label Source, our site allows you to make your very own custom notices from scratch. We understand that different professions, sectors, and premises require custom notices of their own, so we built our site to put you in control!

You can choose your base from a wide selection of labels, all of which are coloured accordingly to your preferences. The next job is to then pick the pictogram for your custom notices – all of our symbols are taken from the ISO EN 7010 selection. Once you have your label and symbol sorted, the final job is to pick your bespoke wording! Our handy safety label builder guides you through the process easily, and even shows you on screen just what your custom notices will look like.

Whether you’re seeking hazard warning, mandatory, prohibition, safe conditions, or fire equipment symbols, we have the correct pictogram to give your labels authority. All of our notices are made from self-adhesive vinyl, and are even then laminated to make them extra robust and prevent fading. The quality of our labels is such that they are also impervious to water and chemicals too!

If you are seeking high-quality customised notices, come on over to Label Source.

Asset Tag Template

The Label Source website is full to the brim with assorted labelling options, but even with a product range as large as ours, we appreciate that it's impossible to stock everything a customer could conceivably need.

That's why we offer a variety of customisable options, the most popular of which is our Custom Asset Tag tool. The Asset Tag Builder allows you to create asset tags that are specifically tailored to your requirements, and you can customise everything from the size and colour to the type of bar code used (if any).

Who Uses our Custom Asset Tags?

The bespoke asset tags have been used for all kinds of purposes. School and universities use them to keep track of their electronic equipment; libraries use them for books and whatever else they might lend out; offices and shops use them to monitor inventory. The sheer convenience of asset tagging means that the systemis used in thousands of different ways, and if you want your own unique set of asset tags, our Tag Builder will walk you through the whole process.

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Safety labels are a fundamental part of any business. They highlight potential risks and dangers associated with using any equipment, instruments, plant, machinery, fixtures and fittings – warning any customers, patients or general members of the public of the necessary precautions required before proceeding to use any of the items listed above.

Not only do safety labels serve as welcome and informative warnings for staff, the public and customers or patients but they display your commitment to ensuring the safety of anyone who enters your premises, which is important. All our safety labels are produced to UK, EU and international standards ISO EN 7010, and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

Safety labels can include anything from no smoking, no naked flames, do not touch, to wear eye protection or hand protection, as well as many more!

We have an extensive range of safety labels including Warning Symbol Labels, Engineering Labels, Safety Labels, Laminated Safety Labels, Custom Safety Labels and Ansi Safety Labels. We can also cater for any specific requirements you might have with regards to your safety labels. For other sizes, combinations of symbols or custom produced safety labelling contact our sales office on 0800 3761693 (or for outside UK +44 1443 842769), or by e-mail sales@labelsource.co.uk for advice or a quotation.

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Well with our CCTV signs you will have concrete proof that you are!

We’ve all seen CCTV signs before, and if you are operating closed circuit television cameras in your premises you may want to think about it. There are plenty of good uses for clearly marking CCTV use with our signs: not only will you be marking out the entrance point to your surveillance but you will also be further reinforcing their usage to the general public too. It also goes without saying that highlighting your CCTV cameras will further deter any potential criminal activity!

You are certainly not going to miss our CCTV signs either - they are extremely visible, waterproof, and handily even vandal-proof too. The black on fluorescent yellow is extremely eye-catching in even the poorest of lights, and makes a bold statement of observation.

If you have gone to the effort of having cameras fitted to your establishment, fulfil their full potential with our top-of-the-range signs.

Recently, our range of high visibility, polypropylene tags have been used by a number of organisations to mark diseased trees in woodlands.

These tags are produced in 0.5mm polypropylene, a tear resistant, shatterproof plastic, which can be easily affixed by nailing or stapling. Infected tree species, suffering from ranges of bacterial or viral infections or fungal decay can be identified by using these colour coded tags.

The most popular ranges are the circular tags, particularly the 42mm diameter and 55mm diameter versions. These have been used in the Royal Parks, and by tree husbandry, tree care or arboricultural companies to identified diseased tree species including ash, oak, elm, spruce and horse chestnut.