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A visitor management system can be an essential line of security. It may seem small, but recording visitors and controlling where they can go is an underrated safety blanket.

If security officials know where people most likely are and who is on the premises, it makes visitor safety easier.

Some industries need a visitor management system more than others. Small offices may not need one, while large public buildings need an effective traffic and registration system to keep people safe. More...

These days, when we think of PPE, it conjures images of face masks and other medical-related protection. However, PPE is far-reaching and includes protection for all parts of a person’s body.

For example, if you have ever worked a factory or manual labour job, steel-toe-capped boots are the baseline. They may seem small, but these boots have been the difference between a sore toe and a broken one.

Below, we discuss foot protection safety, the responsibility employers have, the legislation around the subject and how to protect feet in your workplace. More...

Work inspections can be a stressful time for many. From account audits to safety procedure appraisals, nobody likes inspections.

However, you don’t need to know when an inspection is coming to be inspection ready. By committing to proper safety standards and following our inspection tips, you are always well prepared.

Below, we discuss why work inspections are necessary, how to pass them, and the role inspection stickers have in safeguarding your business. More...