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In the course of duty, you may need to stand out from the crowd, whether for drills, actual emergencies or building evacuations. Our hi-viz armbands are ideal, and offer instant recognition, so that you can take control and manage the situation.

High-Vis Safety Armband

These safety armbands are waterproof, lightweight, comfortable, and can be easily adjusted by using the velcro fasteners. They are made of a radiant yellow nylon, with a reflective printed panel, which make them suitable for all lighting conditions.

There are many standard formats to cover control of safety issues, including fire, first aid, security and traffic. Click the following link for the product details: https://www.labelsource.co.uk/label/safety-signs/general-safety-markers/safety-armbands

Desktop PC

Asset tags help you to identify and keep track of important items (or ‘assets’). They’re most commonly used for expensive electronic equipment like computers; a PC is a pretty expensive asset to replace, and so it’s good to take measures that will prevent its loss!

How do asset tags prevent loss?

Every asset tag is printed with its own unique code, and this means that the tagged item is distinctly identifiable as your own. Additionally, our asset tag builder allows you to print your company name on the label for further identification.

This is far more than just a vanity feature. If your computer is stolen, the unique asset tag proves that the PC is your property, meaning that the thief will be unable to sell it on. In short, the presence of an asset tag makes your computer far less appealing to burglars!

But thieves could just tear the tag off!

Not true. All of our asset labels use permanent adhesive, making it nigh-impossible to remove the label cleanly. For added security, we can also offer destructible asset labels (which tear and fragment upon attempted removal) and tamper evident asset tags (which leave behind a printed pattern upon removal).

As a visual means of deterring thieves and as a handy identification system, asset tags are vital for businesses of any size that rely on computers for business. Click here to see our full range of property identification products.

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As a facilities manager of any description, some of your primary roles will include health and safety, fire safety, security, and the maintenance, testing and inspection of your premises. For each of these roles you’re going to need the correct signs, labels, and tags to ensure the facilities you manage are safely maintained

Failure to meet health and safety requirements can lead to prosecution, insurance claims, loss of business, and of course injury. Luckily, at Label Source we sell a range of safety signs from hazard signs to mandatory safety signs, all of which ensure regulations are met by the general public.

When it comes it fire safety we can also assist facilities managers in their duties. Our fire equipment safety signs inform the public where all extinguishers, fire hose reels, and alarm call points are, making sure your area is fully protected in case of an outbreak of fire.

And of course when it comes to correctly labelling maintenance and testing items, we have your back fully covered! From plant maintenance labels to PAT testing labels, we sell only high-quality signs and tags that meet all the government regulations.

What’s been mentioned is literally only the tip of the iceberg, if you are a facilities manager and need help sourcing a vast array of quality labels, signs, and tags, come on over to Label Source and we’re certain we can assist!


Frames, available either with a magnetic or self-adhesive backing, can be used to improve the appearance of your printed documents, literature, certificates, signs and instructions by providing an eye-catching enclosure.


These robust, clear plastic holders - with coloured frames - are available to site A3, A4 and A5 size documents. They are supplied in vertical and horizontal formats. Both types can be mounted on glass (allowing two-way viewing), doors, walls, filing cabinets, and racking.


The frames, in blue, yellow, blue, green and black comply with the safety colours prescribed in British Safety Standards, and can reinforce relevant messages.

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