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The new mobile phone law 2017 has increased the punishment for using a mobile phone when driving. The fixed penalty fine has increased from £100 to £200, and penalty points on your licence have increased from 3 to 6. Maximum fines for car or motorbike drivers, if the case proceeds to court can have an increased fine imposed of up to £1000, and for bus or HGV drivers this has been raised to £2500. Any motorists with less than two years driving experience will have their licence revoked meaning an application for a new provisional, and the retaking of the driving test.

The news media continues to report on serious traffic accidents, many including fatalities, resulting from loss of control while driving at the same time when using a mobile phone or device.

While the offence has existed since 2003, the increased penalties are a method of trying to change behaviour. A report from the RAC in 2016 has revealed an increasing use to take images or video while driving, and for written emails, texts or social media updates behind the wheel, as well as those that use the hand held phones for making or receiving calls.


In response to this Label Source has introduced a range of labels to warn against using hand held mobile devices while driving. See the following links to products;

Permanent Asset Tags

It makes sense that when you are marking your assets, it is best to go for a permanent solution. Not only is it cost effective, it also ensures the safe keeping and operation of your asset tags. That's why, here at Label Source, we provide a range of different permanent asset tags. All of our tags are made to the highest standard so that you know they are built to last.

Asset tags are great for marking products so it's clear who they belong to. Businesses may mark their property with asset tags to clearly communicate where these items are from, particularly if they are often lent out to different people such as library books, tools, computer equipment. 

From tamper evident to destructible asset tags, we've got a variety of different ranges which excel in the field of permanent asset tags. Here's a look at a few permanent asset tags we supply: 


Destructible Permanent Asset Tags 

Permanent Asset Tags


Our destructible asset tags are a great option if you're seeking permanent asset tags. Custom-printed, these asset tags are made from tamper-proof cast PVC vinyl. This means that if anyone attempts to remove the asset tag, the tamper-proof PVC will fragment. This ensures that these destructible permanent asset tags will not be removed or removed intact. 


Tamper Evident Permanent Asset Tags

Another good permanent asset tag choice is our range of tamper evident asset tags. These tamper evident asset tags will ensure you will know if your asset tags have been tampered with. This is because, when removed, these tags delaminate and leave behind a permanently printed pattern. Furthermore, two parts of the label have the same self-destructing quality as our destructible asset tags, meaning it will be vastly evident if someone has attempted to remove your asset tags. 

Custom Metal Asset Tags

Alternatively, if you're looking for even more permanent asset tags, we provide a service to print custom made metal asset tags. Metal asset tags are designed to endure all conditions and environments, meaning their durability is much better than plastic asset tags. If you would like a custom made metal asset tag, you can either contact us here or call us on 08003761693. 

If you're interested in any of these permanent asset tags, you can browse our full asset tagging collection here!

Computer asset tags

Here at Label Source, we are able to provide a huge choice of asset tags for computers and other electronic devices. Our computer asset tags are available in a variety of designs, with numerous customisable features. Whatever the demands of your business may be, you're sure to find a suitable option on our website.

It is important for any business or organisation to be able to keep track of their equipment effectively, especially when it comes to electrical goods. Laptop computers and other portable electronic devices are expensive and often highly important for maintaining client and workforce procedures, and there are often drastic security implications if a device is lost or stolen.

In order to prevent and detect instances of theft, loss or damage, companies should use a reliable marking system with computer asset tags in order to provide a simple means of keeping track of these items.

Click here to see our full selection of computer asset tags.


Here's a closer look at just some of the computer asset tags that we have available to order:

Serial Number Computer Asset Tags

Serial Numbered Computer Asset Tags


These labels are made from self-adhesive vinyl with a clear laminated surface. Using our customisation options, you can add a number of different details to these asset labels. This can range from your company name to your office contact numbers, along with your own branding and/or logo.

Tamper Evident Computer Asset Tags

Destructible Asset Labels & Tamper Evident Computer Asset Tags


If you're looking for an enhanced level of security, our destructible and tamper-evident computer asset tags are ideal for your requirements. These labels are designed to provide evidence of attempted removal; this deters theft and tampering while also providing evidence in the event of criminal activity. This will give you extra peace of mind when tagging your computers and other electronic goods.

  • Destructible Computer Asset Tags: Will fragment on attempted removal, preventing them from being transferred or removed intact.

  • Tamper Evident Computer Asset Tags: Will delaminate and leave behind a permanently printed pattern as evidence of removal.

Dual Serial Number Computer Asset Tags

Dual Asset Computer Tags


These two-part labels are a dual set of identifiable information tags, one of which can be attached to your goods, and the other can be kept for your records. These are also fully customisable, allowing you to add a professional and eye-catching design to your asset tags.

If you have any questions about our computer asset tags or any of our other products, our friendly team is here to help. Contact us today!

clear laser printer labels


Customisable labels are an essential stationary item for most businesses, and are used for everything from product marking to general organisational activities. For this reason, we supply a huge variety of customisable labels for use with laser printers, including industrial grade, clear labels.

While standard white or colour labels may be suited to more general marking purposes, we realise that our clients have diverse needs, and will sometimes require products which are are tailored to more specific aesthetic or practical purposes. Transparent labels are ideal for this very reason, as they allow our customers to mark items in a more subtle manner, or to create the illusion that something has been marked directly.

Each of our A4 label sheets are compatible with most mono and colour laser printers, and come supplied in packs of 25. In addition to this, we also offer a huge choice of 44 different sizes and shapes, so you're sure to find an option which fits your printing needs. The labels are also designed to provide the same range of benefits as our regular laser printer labels, which means that they are waterproof, weather-resistant and offer protection against heat, making them suitable for use in a number of environments.

Some possible uses for our labels include:

  • Equipment marking 
  • Asset identification and tracking
  • Product maintenance and testing 

To see our full range of transparent labels for laser printer devices, click here, or view our full selection of laser printer labels here.

ladder inspection labels

Ladders are one of the most commonly used tools for working at height, used in a wide range of workplaces to perform a variety of operations. For this reason, it is highly important to ensure that they are properly inspected and maintained, in order to provide both safety and reliability to those who are using them. Ladder inspection labels are the easiest way to communicate when a ladder has been inspected. 

Like all workplace equipment and tools, ladders should undergo a regular inspection process to ensure that they are in proper working order, and that there are no faults or weaknesses that could put individuals at risk. In order to ensure that this process is being undertaken, and to indicate the safe working status of the ladder, a visual record should be attached to the equipment in question at all times.

The most efficient method of recording this process, is to use professional ladder inspection labels, which are specifically designed for recording these actions:

(ladder inspection label)

These ladder inspection labels are made from self-adhesive vinyl, and are available in packs of 50. They are print receptive, and have a permanent bond adhesive, ensuring a resilient fastening and recording process. Thanks to the eye-catching colour, the labels are also incredibly easy to spot, providing a useful visual reminder for those using the ladder.

(ladder inspection tag)

 This ladder inspection tag is perfect to be attached to equipment, machinery and plant. The semi-rigid plastic allows this ladder inspection label sturdiness and makes it waterproof so it can be used inside and out. 


In addition to our ladder inspection labels, we also have a selection of general equipment labels and tags, as well as those for other commonly-tested items. See the full selection here!