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Working with corrosive substances can be a particularly tricky business, especially due to the fact that they have the ability to attack and destroy exposed body tissues. This damage can begin as soon as an individual comes into contact with the chemical in question, which means that every possible precaution should be taken in order to ensure that this does not occur. That's why corrosive warning labels are so important. Below are reasons why corrosive substances are hazardous and what corrosive warning signs can help communicate this danger. 

Areas That can be Damaged by Corrosive Substances Include: 

  • Skin - Corrosives have the ability to cause severe irritation to the skin, and worse, can even cause blisters and burns. In the most serious cases, this can also lead to death.
  • Eyes - The severity of eye injuries can range from severe irritation to permanent blindness, depending on the strength of the chemical, and how it comes into contact with the eyes.
  • Internal Organs - Corrosives are also highly dangerous when inhaled or swallowed, and can cause serious illnesses as a result. In cases where the particles have been inhaled, this impacts the lining of the nose, windpipe and lungs. Swallowing these substances can cause damage to your mouth, throat and digestive tract.

This can Also Impact Equipment and Installations:

Corrosives also have the ability to corrode metals, plastics and wood, which can lead to a variety of further issues:

  • Damage to work equipment, components, materials and more.
  • The production of hydrogen gas on contact, which can lead to an explosion if there is an ignition source.
  • Contamination of fluids in pipes/vessels.

In order to prevent these issues, a number of precautions should be taken, which is why we supply several corrosive warning signs. Including:

Ensure Safe and Efficient Storage

(Corrosive Substance Sign


Use the Correct PPE

(Hand Protection Sign)


Tailor Your Treatment/Actions to the Substance in Question

(Sulphuric Acid Sign)


To see our full selection of corrosive warning signs, visit our Chemical Hazards Warning Sign category!

Blank Metal Tags for Stamping

We sell a wide variety of blank metal tags for stamping here at Label Source. Visitors to our website can choose from a variety of different materials, including brass, aluminium, and marine-grade stainless steel. We also offer a number of different shapes - our range includes circular tags, square tags, and even octagonal, hexagonal and pentagonal tags!

These blank tag products are popular amongst a vast and diverse assortment of customers because they can be customised to suit all kinds of different requirements. All of our metal tags can be stamped with any lettering, numerals or symbols you might desire - and each one is sturdy and durable enough for virtually any use.

 Browse our blank metal tags for stamping 

Choose from the following options:

All of our metal tags for stamping are made with the highest quality materials so that you can sure they will last. We understand that if you want to go through the effort of getting something stamped that it should last time and time again without being easily damaged.

Looking for metal tags that you can write on?

 As you can see, we stock a wide array of blank metal tags for stamping, but if you don't have the means to stamp metal tags, you may prefer our paper covered metal tags or our paper faced metal tags. Made of electro-galvanised steel, these tags are still exceptionally high-quality, but the paper coating allows you to write on the tags by hand, with no need for stamping.


To browse Label Source's full range of blank tags, please click here.

wrap around cabel labels

There is an unwritten rule that wherever cables are involved: wrap around cable labels should follow closely behind. Not only are wrap around cable labels essential for ensuring safety, they're also a vital part of allowing the working environment to run like clockwork. By labeling all of your important cables correctly with wrap around cables, you can be confident your staff will know exactly what they are doing. There will be no faulty wire accidents happening while wrap around labels are on the watch for you!

Whether you use wrap around cable labels to display when the cable was last checked for electrical safety, if it is dangerous to use or if it has a high level of voltage, you are ensuring that the workplace is a knowledgeable environment in which each member of staff understands how each cable should be used. Make sure the wrong plug is never pulled again with our range of wrap around cable labels here at Label Source.

Here are just a few useful wrap-around cables for you to use:  

Tested for Electrical Safety Wrap-Around Cable Label

Tested for Electrical Safety Wrap Around Cable Labels

Supplied in rolls of 250 wrap-around cable labels.

40mm x 130mm.

£65.88 (inc VAT) 

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your workplace by making a note of each time a cable is checked for its electrical safety. When working in an electrical environment, it is vital you ensure the safety of your equipment, so these 'tested for electrical safety' wrap-around cable labels make sure a routine electrical safety check is carried out frequently. 


Do Not Use Wrap-Around Cable Label

Do Not Use Wrap Around Cable Label

Supplied in rolls of 250 wrap-around cable labels. 

40mm x 130mm.

£65.88 (inc. VAT)

Perhaps one of the most essential wrap around cable labels for a working environment, this 'do not use' label ensures no member of staff will be caught out by using a faulty wire. Not only will this save time, it will also help prevent any unnecessary accidents happening.&nbsp


Danger 440 Volts Wrap-Around Cable Label

Danger 440 Volts Wrap Around Cable

Supplied in rolls of 250 wrap-around cable labels.

75mm x 25mm.

£34.80 (inc VAT)

If you have cables in your work environment that are a particularly high voltage, it is always best to be safe and ensure each staff member is aware of this. For the safest possible work environment, we stock a range of different voltage danger signs to make sure no accidents happen while at work. 


To browse more of our safety wrap around cable labels, simply click here! Or let us know if you're looking for a particular wrap-around cable label here and we will do our best to help in any way we can. 

Wherever measurements are required, calibration is a vitally important (and slightly time-consuming) stage of that process. It is also important to make your staff aware that they do not need to calibrate certain items via Calibration Not Required labels.

Quite simply, calibration is when an instrument is compared to a known standard to check its accuracy. Regular calibration allows businesses to have confidence in the results they monitor and record, and to know with certainty that the results they are producing are correct. For example, when measuring temperature and humidity, calibration is required because the readings and their accuracy can start to drift if not regularly calibrated. 

In an environment where calibration is required for a wide range of equipment, 'Calibration Not Required' labels become a necessity. Not only do they ensure that your staff areaware of what they should do, they also save vast amounts of time. Members of staff will not accidentally waste their time calibrating equipment which does not need it. This is why, here at Label Source, we stock a variety of 'Calibration Not Required' labels to keep your staff informed. 

Our 'Calibration Not Required' labels come in a variety of different sizes and ranges. Here are just a few of the available options:

Small Calibration Not Required Label

'Calibration Not Required' Label in Small Format

Size 16mm x 25mm.

Sold in packs of 100. 

Self-adhesive polyester.

Write on surface.

£16.74 inc VAT

Calibration Not Required Label (Medium)

'Calibration Not Required' Label in Medium Format

Size 20mm x 50mm.

Sold in packs of 100. 

Self-adhesive polyester. 

Write on surface. 

£19.92 inc VAT


Tamper-Proof Calibration Not Required Label

'Calibration Not Required' Label in Tamperproof Format

Size 16mm x 25mm.

Sold in packs of 100.

Tamperproof with destructive self-adhesive vinyl.

£23.34 inc VAT


Calibration Not Required Tag

'Calibration Not Required' Tag

80mm x 60mm.

Suitable to attach to an instrument. 

Write on surface.

Supplied in packs of 10. 

£10.74 inc VAT


To browse more of our calibration labels, simply click here!

Fires are a health and safety issue which impact each and every one of us, be it at home, at work or in public spaces. In order to ensure that the conditions for preventing fires from spreading are in place, it is essential to provide and maintain reliable equipment, particularly in areas which present particulalrly high risks in the event of a fire.

Although having appropriate fire extinguishers in designated areas is a great start, it is not enough to simply have these in place, and later forget about them unless they are needed. Fire extinguishers require regular inspection and servicing by professionals, in order to ensure that they are in proper working order, and have not been compromised in any way. If unfortunate circumstances did cause a fire to occur, you would want to confident in the knowledge that your extinguisher is ready to use, with no issues preventing it from serving its indented purpose.

Here are a few essential steps that need to be followed whilst performing fire extinguisher maintenance:

Perform a Visual Inspection of the Extinguisher 

The person responsible for fire safety should carry out visual checks on a monthly basis at the very least, with more frequent checks taking place where circumstances require. Your visual check should consist of the following:

  • Ensure that the extinguisher is located in the correct area, and is visible to those who may need to use it.
  • Check that the instructions are also clear to see, and unobstructed.
  • Assess the parts to ensure that it has not been damaged or operated.
  • Read the pressure gauge/indicator to check it is within safe operational limits.

Arrange Corrective Action

If the extinguisher has been tampered with, or the responsible party suspects that it is not in working order, this issue should be addressed immediately, with corrective action being arranged as soon as possible. 

Oversee Professional Servicing

Professional fire safety experts should always be used to perform detailed inspections on the extinguishers. The frequency of these inspections will depend on the type of extinguisher in question. 

Accurately Record Maintenance

As is the case with any health and safety procedure, it is essential to ensure that the processes of maintaining your fire extinguisher is also accurately recorded. To do this you will need to use fire extinguisher maintenance labels. Here's a closer look at the recording system we provide here at Label Source as an example:

fire extinguisher maintenance label

(fire extinguisher maintenance labels, supplied in packs of 50)

This label should be used to record the details of the inspection, including the date, name of the inspector and weight of the extinguisher.


To find out more about fire safety, check out our previous blogs! To see our full range of equipment inspection labels, click here.