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At Label Source, we have a wide selection of custom labels that you can fully design yourself, and to your specific needs. We stock resin domed decals, coloured destructible labels, custom metal finish labels, custom high temperature labels, and customer write and seal labels – all of which can be fully customised, personalised, and tailored to your requirements.

As well as being visually effective, there is also a lot to be said about the remarkably high standard of quality of our custom labels. Our resin domed labels have a clear polyurethane lens for maximum visual impact, while also remaining scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and waterproof. Our custom metal finish labels on the other hand come in a mirror finish polyester, and are also scratch and chemical resistant, while retaining an eye-grabbing finish!

Basically, our labels are designed to withstand anything the workplace throws at them, without losing any of their striking visual appeal in the process. If you require custom labels to warn, inform, or brand your company, you will struggle to find a more reputable, high-quality vendor than Label Source.

Here at Label Source we pride ourselves on the quality and selection of our range of Printing Labels. Our printing labels are compatible with your computer's printer and can be used for a variety of reasons from product marking to cable management, and everything in between! 

Fluorescent paper labels, 10mm diameter

Fluorescent Paper Labels, 10mm Diameter 

We offer printing labels in a variety of sizes, colours and materials. Some of our options include self-adhesive paper, fluorescent paper, waterproof self-adhesive polyester and even semi-rigid white plastic. We can provide printing labels for both inkjet and laser printers alike, just choose the relevant category for your printer from the options on our Printable Labels page. 

The options include 

  • Laser and Inkjet Printer Labels
  • Fluorescent A4 Printer Labels
  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels - White 
  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels - Yellow
  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels - Clear
  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels - Silver 
  • Industrial Grade Laser Labels - Tamper Evident
  • Laser Printable A4 Sheets (Non Adhesive)
  • Polyester Labels Start Packs
  • Cable Marking Labels (Laser Printable)

Clear polyester laser labels, 61mm x 190mm

Clear Polyester Laser Labels, 61mm x 190mm

All our printing labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so rest assured that Label Source have a printing label to meet any of your needs! We have a number of options for each of the printing label materials mentioned above, so rest assured you will find the perfect printing labels for you.

Our printing labels are suitable for a variety of office and and administration applications and can be extremely versatile to meet your needs. Of course, you can customise our printing labels with whichever information you need by using your printer, as long as you choose printing labels which are compatible! 

If you can't find the correct printing labels you're looking for then simply call Label Source's sales office on 0800 3761 693 or e-mail sales@labelsource.co.uk and someone will get back to you quickly and efficiently.

Mandatory Safety Signs in the Workplace


The Safety Signs and Signals Regulations act of 1966 states that there are specific mandatory signs required in the workplace, depending on the equipment and health and safety risks present in your workplace. Label Source has an extremely sophisticated range of Mandatory Safety Signs on offer. All of our prohibition mandatory health and safety signs for the workplace are produced to UK, EU and international standards ISO EN 7010.

Wash Your Hands Symbol Safety Sign

Wash your Hands Symbol Safety Sign 

Our range of mandatory signs for the workplace aim to dictate actions to be taken or appropriate behaviour to be executed in the face of any health and safety risks in the workplace. Our signs will increase health and safety risk prevention and are consequently extremely important to consider - as well as being mandatory, of course. 

Place all rubbish in bins provided

Place all Rubbish in Bins Provided Symbol and Text Sign 

All our mandatory health and safety signs consist of a blue circle with a white pictogram and text panels of white text on a blue background which is clear enough to be seen in the workplace. The categories for our mandatory signs include the use of equipment including general mandatory safety signs, personal protective equipment (PPE), utilities service mandatory safety notices, manual handling mandatory signs and warning labels, fire action and kitchen safety

Displaying the correct mandatory safety signs in the workplace not only displays your commitment to the health and safety of your staff, customers and the general public, but also ensures that anyone who enters your premises is fully aware of the health and safety standards expected in your workplace. To ensure that your business complies with the correct work and safety-related legislations then get your mandatory safety signs from Label Source today!

We have a sophisticated range of asset labels for schools, ensuring that all of your school equipment is appropriately labeled and easy to keep track of. In schools, there are so many different types of equipments required for different subjects and activities, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of which equipment is kept where - especially if pupils are allowed to take equipment home! 

Asset labels for schools have been the preferred method of keeping track of equipment for some time, which is why we had to ensure our range of asset labels for schools was up to scratch! 

We have a variety of Serial Number Labels which will be personalised with your school name and/or logo. The serial number can be attached to a particular piece of equipment, helping schools keep track of costs, price and location of all equipment. 

We have a variety of Assetmark Cable Wraps which will help you number your electrical cables, wires and leads. We even offer Equipment Identification Markers for you to mark your equipment, plant, tooling, pipework, valves, drains and vehicles! 

Of all our asset labels for schools, perhaps our most important function is our impressive Asset Tag Builder which allows you to custome create asset tags and labels which are personalised to your school and the equipment your school posesses.

When it comes to asset labels for schools, you need look no further than Label Source! 

You may have seen Label Source on Twitter or stumbled across our website on Google and thought that our services were fantastic, but perhaps you didn't require them. Though we offer an enormous variety of very career-specific labels and safety signs (our range of Hazardous Substances and Chemicals Signs for example), we also have an expansive and even customisable range of general safety signs and labels, which, believe it or not - every workplace needs!

Many people won't even be aware that many of the signs we offer at Label Source are actually standard safety signs that you will see every day be it in your workplace, at a local restaurant or even when out shopping. Indeed, not having the correct safety signs in any building or workplace is actually illegal! Safety signs are not only a necessity, but they show your dedication to safety and are also informative for your customers, staff, co-workers and of course the general public. Here are our top 5 safety signs that every workplace needs.

1. Health and Safety at Work Act 1975 Sign 

Not only is it a practical and legal requirement of any workplace to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, but this sign will practically remind your colleagues and staff to comply with the act and will assure any visitors that you comply with the health and safety act. 

2. Now Wash Your Hands Safety Sign

A practical and friendly reminder to all colleagues to maintain desireable hygiene standards. It is also a way of preventing germs from spreading and is in the general best interest of all individuals on the premises of the building. 

3. Place All Rubbish in the Bins Provided 

This sign is for general cleanliness and to keep your workplace in sanitary conditions. It also informs visitors, clients or the general public of the cleanliness standards your business and workers expect and respect. 

4. No Smoking 

Smoking indoors is illegal as of 2007, and consequently it is against the law for anyone to smoke in your workplace. This sign is a stern reminder to all staff, customers and the general public that smoking will not be permitted within your premises.  

5. In the Event of Fire Do Not Use Lift 

Each and every company will have their own specific fire safety rules and regulations, but one that is standard for any building is that use of the lift in the event of a fire is strictly prohibited. This sign is important to avoid any potentially extremely dangerous situations in the event of a fire.