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As paranoid as it sounds, CCTV is everywhere; whether you’re in a shop, waiting for a train, or just out for a walk, there’s a pretty good chance you’re on camera!

Of course, closed-circuit surveillance systems are a huge boon for businesses who want to cut down on crime. CCTV cameras are particularly popular in convenience stores and other small shops, where they are used to spot any suspicious behaviour and catch shoplifters red-handed.

Do you use CCTV cameras?

If so, you need to put up some CCTV warning signs! Not merely because it’s courteous, but because you’re actually obliged by law to do so – several acts of parliaments have been passed to regulate the use of CCTV, including the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

Basically, people have the right to know when they are being filmed, and so it’s your responsibility as the CCTV operator to notify them. Of course, those CCTV signs benefit you as well – people are less likely to shoplift in the first place when they’re aware of the cameras that are pointed at them!

Assorted CCTV signs

Reasons to put up CCTV signs:

  • Meet the necessary legal requirements
  • Discourage criminals
  • Reassure customers/visitors that they are protected from crime

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We're a sensible bunch here at Label Source, but even we don't like to take ourselves too seriously all of the time. This short blog is all about traffic signs, and divulging a few - perhaps pointless - facts related to them; just think how impressed your mates will be when you start reciting traffic signs trivia!

1. Traffic signs have been around since the time of the Roman Empire. Using pillars or milestones the Romans would let travellers know just how far away they were from the great city.


2. Double yellow lines were first introuced to the UK in 1960, by the Road Traffic Act of 1960.


3. Pedestrian crossings have a small metal or plastic cone on the underneath of them which spins as the green man appears.


4. There is a genuine correlation between the number of road traffic incidents and the condition of the signs in that area.


5. The colour red was first used as a stop signal as it symbolises blood, and so is the logical choice to get people's attention, and warn them of perils.

We all see traffic signs most days, but how many of us actually know what they mean? Of course we have a good understanding of the general jest (or at least we’d hope so), but do you know exactly what traffic signs are asking you to do?

Now we are not going to go through every single traffic sign and explain what each one does as it would take up far too much of your time – and it’s pointless anyway as there is a highway code for that! Instead we thought we would talk you through some of the rules traffic signs follow.

If you see a red triangular sign of any description this will indicate a direct warning to the road user. These warnings could include anything from junctions to upcoming obstructions, and of course the signs apply to cyclists, riders and pedestrians too, as they're also road users.

The next type of signs you will notice are red circular signs, these indicate an order or orders. Again these signs are applicable to all road users and contain information such as the speed limit on that particular stretch of road. 

Another type of sign you will encounter on British roads are larger rectangular ones such as these direction ones found on motorways. Although the particular one we have chosen is green, you can expect to find these in a variety of other colours, all of which indicate the direction of a place.

The last type of traffic sign you will find indicates information of sorts. These signs inform road users of potential hazards like lane restrictions and merging road lanes, for example. These signs can also come in an assortment of different colours, though they are usually rectangular.

As well as being your one-stop-shop for safety signs, all things electrical, maintenance & cable management and labels, tags and nameplates, Label Source also offer an extensive range of General Signage to meet your every need. 

Our range of General Signage is extremely extensive, ensuring that we have every one of your signage needs more than covered. In fact, our range of general signage is almost too comprehensive - meaning we've had to extensively categorise our signs to make finding the right sign for you a quick and easy process. Here are the various categories you'll find on our General Signage page and some typical signs you can expect to find within these categories:

Our engraved signs for building, facilities and office services are manufactured from engraving laminate, which provides an extremely sturdy and durable product. They can come with a self-adhesive backing or with drill holes for screw fixing. Our engraved signs are available in three sizes and can be made in seven different colour combinations to suit your needs. You can use our engraved signs to mark a smoking area or toilets, as our below examples show, but there are a number of other possibilities too! #

Our versatile information signs include a range of internationally recognised symbols as well as informative instructions to help customers and visitors. Below are two examples of our information signs, including the sign for female toilets and the notice to pull a door. Our information signs are in self adhesive vinyl and rigid plastic. 


Our retail and office signs are for use in retail stores, supermarkets, grocery shops, cash and carry outlets, newsagents and market stalls. These notice signs reinforce your company policy to customers, and include a range of phrases and notifications, including 'Private Property Keep Out' and 'Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted'.


Our transport information signs are for display on vehicles to inform and advise drivers, staff, passenders and the general public of operating procedures and safety issues. Transport information signs are for cars, commercial vehicles, emergency services, public transport and highway maintenance. Signs include the children on board and unleaded signs featured below, as well as so many more. 


Our public area signs are manufactured in brushed finish, metallix effect silver or gold plastic laminate. Ideal for internal use, they can contain a variety of different notices, including no smoking or a sign for the bathroom, as pictured below. 


Our range of architectural signs are available in satin anodised aluminion, polished brass and stainless steel, in both satin and polished finishes. These door signs include 'Fire door Keep shut' and the gentlemen symbol door sign to name but two of many. 

These deskplates and doorplates are perfect for providing clear identification of functions and personnel. You can customise these however you wish, but some of our most popular are 'Reception' and 'Position Closed'.


Our impressive collection of metal doorplates include the disabled toilet sign and the thank you for not smoking sign pictures below. The signs are made of 0.48mm aluminium alloy with metallic gold or chrome polyester surface. 


Our letters and numbers come in two different numbers and provide numbers 0 to 9 and letters A to Z. Our alphanumeric signs are perfect for labelling rooms or building numbers.


The beginning of the end. Durable Pipe red carded in Asbestos’ last Materials Cup Final


At this time of the season, when your team may be scrapping for every point, either aiming for promotion, or, God forbid, to avoid the trapdoor, all genuine supporters should spare a thought for the fall from grace of the all conquering Team Asbestos.

The rise of Asbestos was unprecedented, with regular promotions, championships and cup success. Asbestos established a formidable reputation, based on solid performance in all weather conditions. Their style was based on sound and fire proof keeping by Sound Absorption; a corrosive resistant defence (marshalled by the ever reliable Insulation); a versatile and creative midfield centred on the interplay of Linings and Coatings (with an uncanny knack of losing their markers); and a lethal combination upfront of Pipe, Trough and Roofing.

However, at the height of their power, reports started to circulate of tapes of illegal payments and rule infringements, and the hierarchy at Asbestos was labelled dangerous and poisonous, and this shook the very fabric of Asbestos. The tabloids, governing bodies and pundits turned on their former darlings. Asbestos reeled from the bad publicity leading to a loss of sponsorship contracts, diverse legal and medical claims, a failure to adapt to new rules, and a drift in support. The signs were not good, with loss of form leading to a slide down the divisions. Fair weather fans failed to tag along with their hardcore supporters, as crowd levels plummeted.

To demonstrate your duty of care, and to inform all lovers of the beautiful game of the risks associated from the fall of Asbestos, show your support by using our stickers, labels, markers, tapes, tags and signs to remind you of this former giant.