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Image of different types of reflective armbands

Photoluminescent products are an important lifeline for many industries. From stickers to glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark items are found everywhere.

Reflective safety armbands, also known as hi-vis armbands, are one such product. However, instead of being used to signpost areas or dangers, they are used to keep track of people. Some of us need to work in poor lighting, meaning being seen is of paramount importance. More...

image of workers returning to the office

Thankfully, the COVID-19 pandemic is getting more under control, and people everywhere can start thinking about a return to normal. The work from home revolution has been big for businesses and workers everywhere, though returning to the office will still happen for most of us.

However, just because some of us are returning to the workplace, that doesn’t mean we can’t stop being vigilant. As a business owner or employee, you must ensure you stay as safe as possible.

So, how do you ensure returning to work after COVID is safe? What is the latest return to work office guidelines, and how do labels and signs help with this? More...

image of scaffolding safety banners

Scaffolding is an essential part of modern construction. The practice has been used as far back as ancient Greece, but in modern times, it is thankfully much safer than its origins.

These days, there are stringent regulations for constructing and dismantling scaffolding, as well as a list of very specific materials to be used.

There is also a range of signs, labels and other pieces of equipment to help with the organisation of scaffolding, such as scaffold safety banners. Scaffold safety banners display a range of health and safety guidance, helping to keep workers safe. More...

Utilities are a cornerstone of modern life. From water to electricity to fuel, utility workers keep essential services running. For this reason, utility safety is very important to keep workers and bystanders safe, as well as to maintain essential services.

Utility safety notices help to this end, ensuring professionals can work safely and ensuring bystanders give workers peace. However, how should these safety notices be used? What are the aspects of utility safety?

Learn all about utility safety and notices below. More...

image of detectable warning tape underground

At Label Source, we stock a wide range of warning tapes. To the untrained eye, most of these warning tapes look the same, but they are subtly different.

Detectable warning tape is one unique option that has separate properties compared to other tapes. However, why are the detectable warning tape specifications different, and what purpose does the tape serve? More...