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It is that time of year again; winter is slowly drawing in on us, which means only one thing... Flu season!! Flu is one of the most common causes of sickness absence throughout the winter. It can easily be spread and very unpleasant. Label Source wants to help prevent flu spreading by assisting you with hygiene signs in and around the workplace.


One way to help prevent flu would be by washing your hands frequently. This can prevent infectionss and illnesses. It was discovered that, washing your hands with water and soap routinely can prevent you from a number of infections like salmonella, E. coli 0157, and norovirus that causes diarrhea, and it can spread some respiratory infections like adenovirus and hand-foot-mouth disease.


If you are working within a fast environment, where you feel you do not have the time or access to wash your hands regularly, an easy way to do so would be the use of hand santitisers. This is particularly good if you work in healthcare, where patients are vulnerable to infections and germs. The environment must also be kept clean to prevent germs and infections spreading.


Label Source can help you prevent the spread of germs by displaying personal hygiene signs. We provide a range of signs for personal hygiene, hand washing, hand sanitising, skin protection, hand protection, hair protection and clean areas. These signs can be used within many different industries such as healthcare, catering, manufacturing, food processing, retail and many more. This can prevent the amount of sick days people are taking, as research by the Co-Operative Pharmacy estimated that, 7.6 million working days a year are lost to flu, costing the British economy £1.35Bn.

Label Source wants you to have a healthy winter, so make sure your hygiene signs are displayed to prevent the dreaded flu! Together we can beat flu.

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Tamper-evident barcode label

If you've gone to the trouble of labelling your equipment properly, the last thing you want is for someone to come along and tear those labels off. It's irritating, but more importantly, it makes your items far harder to identify in the event of loss or theft.

Thank goodness, then, for tamper-proof labels! If you want to prevent people from removing your labels, these high-security stickers are the perfect choice, because they are impossible to remove cleanly.

We sell a range of high-quality tamper-proof labels for a variety of purposes. These include:

There are two different types of tamper-resistant labels: some, like our tamper-proof calibration labels, will fragment and tear into small pieces if somebody attempts to remove them; others, like our 'tamper evident' range, will leave behind a pattern if they are peeled away (see image above).

No matter what kind of tamper-proof labels you are looking for, Label Source can help! If you can't find what you need, give us a call on 0800 3761 693.

Waste segregation signs can be used to identify and segregate items within your waste stream management programme. There are various different signs to help clearly identify diverse forms of waste. These signs can inform your staff of the correct handling, collection and disposal of various waste types. 

Hazardous toxic signs must be displayed to collect and re-processing of waste, which is dangerous to humans and animals, and a threat to the environment. This waste is usually chemical by-products, in liquid, solid or sludge form, which can contain a range of harmful components including heavy metals, halogens, dioxins, asbestos, PCB's, pesticides, or cleaning fluids. If released they can cause illness, death, or pollution to air, land or water. 

Radioactive waste must be displayed to identify waste materials contaminated with low level radiation, such as clothing, tools, filters, plastics, metals or glass, which has been exposed to low level radioactive materials. 

Here at Label Source we supply a range of signs in sizes medium and large, identifying various different waste, including; domestic waste, non-hazardous general waste, hazardous waste, toxic waste, radioactive waste, clinical waste, food waste, confidential waste, landfill, recyclable solids, recyclable liquids, contaminated solids and liquids. This clear identification of waste by category can enable safe handling, and correct disposal. Part of our environmental sign range.

If you need these signs made up for your own special requirements , Label Source can help you with that!

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If you are looking for barcode labels, we at Labels Source will be more than happy to help you out. We stock a comprehensive selection of barcode labels to fit a range of different purposes and platforms – and we can deliver these to you in sheets, rolls, and have either variable or static number sequences available too.

When you select your barcodes, you can choose whether you wish to have the prefix and suffix details included or not. We also give you the option of having increasing or decreasing sequences on the consecutively-numbered stickers.

Some of the barcode labels we sell are:

Scanmark – General self-adhesive vinyl labels.

Scanmark Plus – Polyester labels that work in high temperatures.

Scanmark Destructible – Security labels that fracture when tampered with.

Scanmark Tamper Evident – Secure labels that leave a trace when removed.

Scanmark Economy – Laminated paper stickers for more affordable identification.

Scanmark Foil – Aluminium labels for both outdoors and indoors.

Barcode labels are mainly used for identifying products, tracking assets, traceability, controlling stock, and for guarantees/warranties. As well as having all the properties mentioned above, all of our labels are also smudge, chemical, and abrasion-resistant – so when you’ve stuck them down, the chances are they’re staying put.

Come and see our range of barcode stickers now!

Deciding on which products will need PAT test labels needn't be as daunting as you imagine. The legislation states that any portable appliance needs testing: all equipment not part of a fixed installation but that's intended to be connected to one counts as a portable appliance. If your appliance requires a plug, uses a flexible cable, and is intended for use at a generator or plug socket it counts as a portable appliance.

Such items that could require PAT test labels include: kettles, toasters, monitors, printers, vending machines, photocopiers etc. Take a slightly miscellaneous item like a power drill, the drill itself would not need testing but the charging dock would. IT equipment should be thoroughly tested, and this includes the power cords for all equipment too which should be tested separately as they are held to different standards. Extensions cables are also notoriously hazardous so are some of the most frequently tested of equipment.

When you do find yourself in a position where you need to purchase PAT test labels you can guess where sells them, can't you? Here at Label Source we offer a wide range of PAT test labels and stickers that ensure all of your tested equipment is adequately labelled!