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The world of health and safety continues to evolve as we know more about the effects certain things have on our bodies. Putting in place the right preventative measures can help avoid costly accidents to businesses and employees alike.

Lifting heavy loads is no exception to this. When done without the proper technique, it can be very dangerous.

That’s why we’ve outlined the correct lifting procedure, so you know how to lift an object with significant weight correctly, every time. 


Solar energy is, thankfully, rising in popularity. Once thought of as something too expensive for the regular consumer, solar panels are now regularly seen on modern builds, older homes and office buildings too.

According to industry predictions, solar energy is set to be worth $176.2 Billion by 2027. Of course, whenever an industry explodes in popularity, safety measures must be reviewed. If you’re thinking of installing solar panels, then you need to know all about solar panel safety.

Below, we discuss what a photovoltaic cell is, its role in solar panel installation safety and some general solar guidelines. More...

Floor tapes are used in many workplaces, from warehouses and factories to shops and offices. They’re a versatile, multi-purpose tool that promotes safety, streamlines processes and improves workplace efficiency.

Below, we discuss how to install floor tapes, the different uses of floor marking tapes and why they’re important. More...