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Chemical Resistant Labels

Here at Label Source we provide a huge selection of labels which are specifically designed for the hazard prevention and identification process, offering a flexible and reliable safety solution to all sorts of businesses and organisations. 

While it is highly important that these labels are visually clear and recognisable, it is also important to ensure that these labels are reliable and resilient, particularly in the most demanding workspaces. There would be little use for a chemical label that can not withstand the very chemical it warns against, which is why we supply chemical resistant labels. We ensure that our safety labels are made with the ability to withstand damage from several external factors, without compromising the quality of the message being presented.

Our high-quality chemical resistant labels are able to resist damage from oils and solvents, and can also be used in moisture-heavy environments thanks to their waterproof nature. In addition to these advantages, chemical resistant labels are also able to prevent scratches and abrasions from damaging their surface, for further protection. We have a huge range of chemical resistant labels that allow you to find what you need. 

Here are just some of the chemical resistant labels we provide:


Hand Protection Chemical Resistant Label

This chemical resistant label is used to promote the use of PPE in hazardous work environments and comes in a choice of 3 sizes.


Harmful Warning Chemical Resistant Label


If you're using our labels to point out chemical hazards, it stands to reason that you should also want these labels to be chemical resistant! These triangular labels are available in 3 sizes, with a variety of symbols to choose from.


Jumbo Write and Seal 'Tested' Label

Along with our mandatory symbol range, we also have a variety of customisable, chemical resistant labels, including those in our write and seal range.


To see the full selection of signs and labels that we have to offer, simply head to our homepage and browse our categories! If you need any other information on our chemical resistant labels, feel free to get in touch. Call our helpful team today on, 0800 3761 693.