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In many work places there is a real risk of people coming into contact with hot surfaces. These could be simply radiators, pipework and even hot water. How many times have you touched your radiator, or accidently touched the hot water pipe at home to find that it is a lot hotter than you expected?

We all know that contact with hot surfaces can cause serious scalding or third degree burns and many radiators and pipework operate at temperatures that could potentially burn someone if they come into contact with it. So if you are required to work around hot surfaces on a regular, if not daily basis, it is important that you are aware of all the risks posed to yourself and others, while working with heat.

Whether you are working with hot equipment, including fry vats and grills, it is important that you have received the correct training before attempting to operate such dangerous machinery. This also implies to people who are required to work around hot pipework and hot water, if you have not received the appropriate training, do not carry out the task!

Before you undertake any task involving a hot surface in the workplace, be sure to have completed a risk assessment.  Many work place injuries involving hot surfaces occurs because people have either fallen or are trapped against the surface and are unable to move. These incidents often occur in situations where there is a lack of supervision.  Completing a risk assessment will help prevent these accidents from occurring.

If your work place requires people to have prolonged contact with heated surfaces it is important that the risk of injury is controlled and minimised effectively. This includes, where possible, covering the hot surface so that the surface temperature does not exceed 43 degrees Celsius, providing low surface temperature heat emitters, and using labels to warn people of the hot surface.

Using signs and correctly labelling hot surfaces significantly reduces the risk of injury caused by hot surfaces by creating awareness of the hot surface. Here at Label source we have a range of Hot Surface labels including hot surface symbol labels and hot surface warning labels. These sigsn are availabe in 2 differnent sizez. cant find the exact sign and size that you require? Get in Touch either be telephoning (freephone) 0800 3761 693 or emailing info@labelsource.co.uk