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Switch off lights sign

If you are a business owner, here are some facts and figures that may interest you:

  • It has been estimated that the UK wastes £12 billion on electricity every year. (Source: Fresh Business Thinking)
  • The average small business spends roughly 10% of its total overheads solely on electricity. (Source: Fresh Business Thinking)
  • Britain's energy reserves are slowly but surely running out (Source: The Economist)

With this information in mind, it's a good idea - from both a financial and an environmental standpoint - for business owners to seek new ways of conserving electricity within the workplace. One effective change that's easy to implement is simply switching things off when you're not using them - this may seem like obvious advice, but it really can make a big difference to your company's energy usage.

Lights are an obvious place to start. If you're using the lights in a room that has plenty of natural light - or, worse still, leaving lights on when nobody's in the room - you are wasting energy, which is costly for your business and bad for the environment. Light switch stickers like these can help to remind you and your employees to swtich off the lights when they're not in use:

Switch off label.

Where else could you be saving energy?

  • Many appliances use a lot of energy even when switched off. If you're leaving microwaves, televisions, or other items in standby mode instead of turning them off completely, you could well be wasting energy for no reason.
  • On a related note, be sure to switch plugs off if they have something plugged into them that isn't being used. This even includes chargers that aren't currently charging anything.
  • Be sure to turn off taps properly when not in use - water transportation and treatment uses up energy too!


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