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In the various health and safety acts, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice your duty of care outlines that it is essential to provide a safe working environment for the general public, for yourself and for any members of staff you employ.

Not only do safety signs warn and prepare anyone within the vicinity of your business, but they also appropriately display your commitment to prevent accidents, risks to health in your workplace and injuries. Placing the correct safety signs where appropriate within your workplace is not only practical and professional, but reassuring for any members of public and indeed members of staff.

We have an extensive range of safety signs and we can provide an appropriate sign to meet any of your needs. Some of our most popular safety signs include our range of no smoking signs and our general hazard warning safety signs, but of course we also offer prohibition safety signs, mandatory safety signs, safe conditions safety signs, fire equipment safety signs and a whole range of other safety products! 

All of our safety sign products are manufactured to current specifications to offer compliance in the UK, the EU or Internationally, so when you purchase your safety signs from Label Source you can rest assured that you are purchasing the most up-to-date and compliant signs.

Our range of health and safety signs are so extensive that it can often be difficult to find the correct signs to suit your requirements, so if you require some guidance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team. You can contact us by telephone on (UK) 0800 3761693 (International) 0044 1443 842769, by using the online chat facility or by e-mail at sales@labelsource.co.uk today.

We can all do with a bit of direction sometimes and hazard warning signs offer just that. We live in a health and safety conscious age, and while some people may think we are being nannied a tad too much no one can deny that tighter enforced restrictions, laws, and hazard warning signs have prevented injuries, and even saved lives!

At Label Source, we have an extensive selection of hazard warning signs as part of our ‘safety’ range. The purpose of these signs is to inform people of dangers, to warn people of potential hazards, and to encourage cautionary behaviour in the workplace.

All of our signs contain a bold yellow triangle bordered by a black outline and a pictogram – not only are these extremely visible, but they also conform to UK, EU, and International standards. You certainly aren’t going to miss any of our hazard signs in a hurry, which is the entire point really, isn’t it?

Whatever field or work environment you find yourself in, we have the hazard warning signs to protect yourself and your staff. We have signs for chemicals, fire, electricity, confined space, laser, radiation, biological, asbestos, photovoltaic, and hand vibration. We also sell much more general warning signs that cover trips, falls, overhead hazards and explosives, to name just a few.

If you have a hazard that needs signing, you can bet your bottom dollar we have a quality sign for it! 

Examples of our labels in use

We have a colossal variety of products available here at Label Source, and we cater to more or less any industry you'd care to name. Our safety signs and warning labels can be found almost everywhere, from the construction site to the office and from the laboratory to the shopping centre.

Here's a small sample of the diverse range of needs we can provide for:

In the Cinema

Next time you go to the pictures, count how many different signs you see. Most cinemas have no smoking signs, clearly-marked emergency exits, a couple of fire extinguishers...and we provide labels/signage for all of these purposes and more.

Signs from the Cinema

In the Restroom

Most of the products in our Hazard Warning Signs section are for specialist areas such as construction sites and scientific labs (unless you work with big magnets, you're unlikely to see many 'strong magnetic field' notices in your everyday life). However, you've almost certainly seen this one before:

Very Hot Water

Public establishments like restaurants and bars tend to warn their patrons if the water in their taps is especially hot. And then there's this one:

Not Drinking Water

We've seen the 'not drinking water' sign on trains, in cafés, and even in public parks (where, for example, there could be a fountain or water feature for the public's enjoyment).

In the Workplace

The Health and Safety Executive recommends that even small offices should have a basic first aid kit on hand. For this reason, there's a good chance you'll have seen this sign somewhere in your place of work:

First Aid

And if your employers are as organised as they ought to be, there's probably something like this on the wall, too:

Fire Action sign

Those signs are designed to tell everyone what to do in the event of a fire. All the crucial fire safety information is there, along with gaps in which you can write your fire escape route, your assembly point, and the name of the person in charge.

As you can see, our signs and notices can be found almost everywhere! If you need to order any of Label Source's products for yourself, you can do so right here on our website. Get in touch if you need any assistance.