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Electrical Warning Labels

Label Source's electrical warning labels are made of rigid, durable plastic with a self-adhesive backing for easy application.

These electrical labels are designed to identify electrical hazards and warn service staff and the general public of any dangers that may be present. Our electrical safety signs and stickers help regulate sensible behaviour around electrical dangers, and give instructions for best practice.

Our electrical warning labels use internationally-recognised electrical symbols and clear, bold text that is easy to read. This product range includes labels for:

  • High voltages
  • Live wires / terminals / busbars / electrical equipment
  • Inspection and testing
  • Safety of electrical connections

All electrical labels are supplied in packs of 5.

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What Is an Electrical Warning Label?

The simple precaution of using electrical safety stickers or electrical safety labels can significantly decrease the chance of an electrical injury, both to work personnel and the public. Electricity can critically injure people and even cause fatalities without the correct safety precautions in place.

These high-grade electrical warning labels are designed to highlight the hazards and dangers associated with the use of live electrical equipment. If properly used, they will help to protect equipment from damage and prevent injuries to your workforce.


When Do I Need Electrical Stickers and Labels?

Electrical labels and stickers are essential to the safety of anyone in the workplace, ensuring that employees, visitors and clients are all subject to the correct safety information at any given time

When labelling electrical items, be sure to place the warning labels in a visible location that users will not be able to overlook.

What Types of Electrical Warning Labels are Available?

We supply a comprehensive range of electrical warning labels, including a variety of specific voltages (ranging from 110V to 440V) and many other labels designed to inform and advise.

However, if you cannot find the electrical label you are looking for, please get in touch with the Label Source team - we will usually be able to find a suitable solution for your requirements.

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