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You may have seen Label Source on Twitter or stumbled across our website on Google and thought that our services were fantastic, but perhaps you didn't require them. Though we offer an enormous variety of very career-specific labels and safety signs (our range of Hazardous Substances and Chemicals Signs for example), we also have an expansive and even customisable range of general safety signs and labels, which, believe it or not - every workplace needs!

Many people won't even be aware that many of the signs we offer at Label Source are actually standard safety signs that you will see every day be it in your workplace, at a local restaurant or even when out shopping. Indeed, not having the correct safety signs in any building or workplace is actually illegal! Safety signs are not only a necessity, but they show your dedication to safety and are also informative for your customers, staff, co-workers and of course the general public. Here are our top 5 safety signs that every workplace needs.

1. Health and Safety at Work Act 1975 Sign 

Not only is it a practical and legal requirement of any workplace to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, but this sign will practically remind your colleagues and staff to comply with the act and will assure any visitors that you comply with the health and safety act. 

2. Now Wash Your Hands Safety Sign

A practical and friendly reminder to all colleagues to maintain desireable hygiene standards. It is also a way of preventing germs from spreading and is in the general best interest of all individuals on the premises of the building. 

3. Place All Rubbish in the Bins Provided 

This sign is for general cleanliness and to keep your workplace in sanitary conditions. It also informs visitors, clients or the general public of the cleanliness standards your business and workers expect and respect. 

4. No Smoking 

Smoking indoors is illegal as of 2007, and consequently it is against the law for anyone to smoke in your workplace. This sign is a stern reminder to all staff, customers and the general public that smoking will not be permitted within your premises.  

5. In the Event of Fire Do Not Use Lift 

Each and every company will have their own specific fire safety rules and regulations, but one that is standard for any building is that use of the lift in the event of a fire is strictly prohibited. This sign is important to avoid any potentially extremely dangerous situations in the event of a fire.