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We have a sophisticated range of asset labels for schools, ensuring that all of your school equipment is appropriately labeled and easy to keep track of. In schools, there are so many different types of equipments required for different subjects and activities, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of which equipment is kept where - especially if pupils are allowed to take equipment home! 

Asset labels for schools have been the preferred method of keeping track of equipment for some time, which is why we had to ensure our range of asset labels for schools was up to scratch! 

We have a variety of Serial Number Labels which will be personalised with your school name and/or logo. The serial number can be attached to a particular piece of equipment, helping schools keep track of costs, price and location of all equipment. 

We have a variety of Assetmark Cable Wraps which will help you number your electrical cables, wires and leads. We even offer Equipment Identification Markers for you to mark your equipment, plant, tooling, pipework, valves, drains and vehicles! 

Of all our asset labels for schools, perhaps our most important function is our impressive Asset Tag Builder which allows you to custome create asset tags and labels which are personalised to your school and the equipment your school posesses.

When it comes to asset labels for schools, you need look no further than Label Source!