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Work inspections can be a stressful time for many. From account audits to safety procedure appraisals, nobody likes inspections.

However, you don’t need to know when an inspection is coming to be inspection ready. By committing to proper safety standards and following our inspection tips, you are always well prepared.

Below, we discuss why work inspections are necessary, how to pass them, and the role inspection stickers have in safeguarding your business.

What Are Work Inspections and Why Are They Needed?

Work inspections keep industries accountable. Without inspections, there is less motivation to maintain safety standards, proper documentation and other factors in line with the latest standards.

A work inspection can come in many forms; from a safety inspector visit to an appointment with an account auditor. So, why are inspections needed? Does it imply there is no trust in business owners?

Not necessarily. Work inspections can help identify areas for improvement, leading to more efficient and safer workplaces. Safety standards are forever changing, and without inspections, it can be difficult for businesses to stay in line with them.

Work inspections aren’t made to catch people out. They’re simply a measure to maintain good standards.

How to Pass Your Inspection: Inspection Tips

Passing your inspection is easier if you already have a good level of safety standards. You can’t predict when an inspection can occur, so the best method is to keep staff trained and be strict on safety.

When inspection day rolls around, be sure not to panic, and talk calmly to the inspector. Make it clear in advance what is being inspected, in what order, and ensure it’s as easy as possible for the inspector.

Read previous inspection reports to know what to expect, and ensure all staff have appropriate PPE and equipment at all times.

Remember, an inspection isn’t there to catch you out. If you maintain good safety standards, which you should, then you have nothing to worry about, and you can see it as an opportunity to improve existing processes.

How Do Inspection Stickers Work?

Inspection stickers and labels allow you to show that a piece of equipment has been tested and/or calibrated. An inspector may wish to check this, and if your equipment isn’t properly labelled, then it could be a strike against you.

At Label Source, we stock a range of inspection stickers and PAT test labels. These communicate that you regularly test your equipment, and ensures you will pass this part of the inspection.

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