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Climate change and conservation are complicated challenges that will be with us well into the future. These problems can have a sense of enormity about them which can make us feel like we do not have a part to play in the solution. However, workplaces and employees can make changes that have an impact.

How can employers and employees help, then? What are some sustainability in the workplace ideas that anyone can use? Well, steps as small as using conservation signs can facilitate greening the workplace.

Below, we discuss how signs can play a part in conservation techniques in the workplace and explain how to use them.

What Are Conservation Signs?

Conservation signs help keep people aware of energy-saving solutions in the workplace. They can be as simple as reminders to turn off the lights, or more detailed guides.

Examples of conservation signs include:

  • Conserve water, light and electricity signs
  • Reminders to turn off lights and heating
  • Pocket guides
  • Switch-off signs for electrical equipment

In the busy day-to-day of most workplaces, it’s easy to forget to switch things off, turn the heating down or save energy at every juncture.

Conservation signs are there to act as a physical reminder of this, meaning employees will naturally fall into energy-saving patterns. When it comes to sustainability in the workplace ideas, they can be one of the more effective.

How Should You Use Conservation Signs?

Of course, signs alone can’t do all the heavy lifting; there needs to be a strategy in place to complement them. In simple terms, ensure conservation signs are:

  • In areas of high people traffic, so more employees can read them.
  • Place on all switches. If you don’t have enough signs, just place signs on switches which use the most energy (large electrical equipment, the most demanding lights, etc.)
  • Use conservation signs in conjunction with training your staff about climate change and energy reduction. Pocket guides can help them consolidate this information.

When paired with waste-reduction strategies, you can use conservation signs to make each part of your business more efficient. It won’t just save you a few quid on energy costs; it’ll also be an important step to curb climate change.

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