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For organisations of all sizes, there can be a range of site security issues, requiring you to prevent unauthorised entry to your site or premises. This can be to deter loss or damage to company property, or to look after the health, safety and welfare of staff, contractors, visitors or the general public. This refers not only to buildings, but also construction sites, temporary outdoor events, car parks, vacant property and grounds.

Label Source has a range of security signs, which comply with the latest health and safety legislation, fulfil your obligations under the Data Protection Act to safeguard the rights of the individual, and assist in meeting insurance policy requirements. Also, we have produced many more signs to meet our customers' pecific requirements.

Common signs cover such things as CCTV surveillance and recording, use of security guards and patrol dogs, and use of physical security measures such as the use of razor or barbed wire, wall spikes, electric fencing or anti-vandal paint.

Therefore, if you believe that you may be susceptible to vandalism, tampering, arson, theft, fly tipping or any other malicious damage, our signs can clearly identify your security measures on your property to act as a deterrent to illegal entry.

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