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Security Signs

Feel safe in your workplace with the help of high-quality safety security signs. From warnings of anti-climb precautions and CCTV in operation to signs stating entry requirements and that visitors leave vehicles at their own risk, we have a security sign for your every need.

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What Are Security Signs?

Label Source's site security signs clearly identify security measures in place and act as a warning or deterrent to any potential intruder, staff, contactors, visitors, and the general public.

Do Security Signs Deter Theft?

Security warning signs provide a crime deterrent, suggesting a heightened chance of getting caught if criminals decide to target a property. But does this work? Well, a study by the UNC Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology across the pond in the US found that it does in around 1 in 4 cases. That means a potential 25% risk reduction!

 At Label Source, you will find a wide selection of security safety signage to indicate:

•    Manned security guard
•    Mobile patrols 
•    Use of guard dogs
•    Parking, permits, disclaimers, and wheel clamping 
•    CCTV and site surveillance 
•    Body scanning 
•    Physical security measures, such as anti-climb paint, spikes, and razor wire

Should You Put Up Security Signs?

We would recommend you put up security signage to bolster your safety. Our high visibility signs can be used for retail, construction, industrial and public buildings, and are available in two different materials, self-adhesive vinyl or rigid plastic. 

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