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Site Security and Housekeeping

Label Source supply a range of products for facilities management security and housekeeping. These include signs outlining building security measures such as, guard dogs, security patrols, anti-vandal defences, vehicle searches and resticted access areas, Also, we have a range of badges to identify visitors and contractors, with time dependent or light sensitive types to prevent re-use, or use after expiry.

CCTV signs to comply with your data protection obligations for premises electronic site surveillance are avaiable in a range of materials and formats,

A wide selection of security seals or ties to identify tampering of equipment, plant, transport and fittings are available in plastics and metals, offering different levels of security, and a range of colours and sizes..

Housekeeping products include A-boards to highlight temporary safety conditions, such as floor cleaning, equipment maintenance, wet paint or out of service lifts.

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