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For businesses that frequently interact with pedestrians, slip-resistant floor stickers are an excellent method of both improving floor grip and highlighting areas suitable for walking.

While these are not a health and safety requirement, they have advantages for people-facing businesses, especially when it comes to managing how people interact with your space. Below, we list how slip-resistant footprint stickers can give your business a safety boost, as well as provide you with ergonomic and creative benefits.

Uses for Slip-Resistant Footprint Stickers

Mostly, businesses use footprint stickers to control people traffic and ensure shoppers and/or pedestrians are on the correct path. For that reason, these stickers are popular in the following places:

  • Shopping aisles
  • Concert, conference and sporting venues
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals

Besides determining where people can and can’t go, footprint stickers can be used for advertising and brand awareness purposes. They allow businesses to flex their creativity while solving issues with foot and people traffic.

Benefits of Using Slip-Resistant Stickers

While they’re not a health and safety requirement, adding slip-resistant footprint stickers can have several benefits to a business. Namely:

  • Improvements to the efficiency of people and foot traffic through the premises.
  • Provides avenues for decoration, brand awareness and marketing.
  • Reduces the probability of slips during wet weather.
  • Prevents customers from entering prohibited areas.
  • Improves customer experience.

Floor stickers exist in a space between improving a business’ customer experience and providing a layer of safety.

How to Apply Floor Stickers

Application of floor stickers is simple enough. Firstly, ensure the sticker will be added to a secure floor that is clean and dry. The stickers are resistant to chemicals and cleaning materials, but applying them to a dirty floor will affect their usefulness.

Next, plan out where you want to put the stickers so they are roughly in line with a person’s stride. Placing small markers can help with this. Finally, just peel the stickers and place them on the floor evenly – voila, you’re done!

Solve Your People Traffic Problems 

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